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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Odd Interviews

Work was the same...had to attend to one of the candidates since he requested for an early interview. Candidate came on-time I basically administered an exam for him as per my boss' instruction. While he was working on the exam question, I was on my desk at other room calling other candidates left and right while I multi-task on some other things. My coworker who attended to the candidate told me that he looked funny and was snickering when she told me that the candidate has arrived. :P Such a riot...though he looked just fine to me...seen other more odd people who applied with our company.

Hay...some were really nice and polite...some were just so dense. It makes me wonder if I was like that when I was looking for a job. It's wonderful to be at the other side of be the interviewer than the interviewee.

I'm so on a roll...these templates are just purely addicting!
Check out Doodleboogs' Holiday Templates 4x6's and 8.5x11. So rocking!

Title: Cutie
Template: 8.5x11 Holiday Templates by Doodleboogs (ScrapOutsideOfTheBox)
Kit: Tomboy by Angie Briggs(ScrapArtist)
Font: Curlz MT

Title: Baptism
Kit Name: Falling Leaves by Deborah Vessels (DigizinesDigitalDen)
Font: Monotype Corsiva

**A quickie before I head to bed**
Title: US
Template: 8.5x11 Holiday Templates by Doodleboogs (ScrapOutsideOfTheBox)
Kit: Cosmo Kit by Mikki Livanos (Scrapbook-Elements)
Font: Galathea


Valerie said...

The pages are awesome!! I love the "Us" page, love that green!! I agree with you, it's more fun being the interviewer than th einterviewee..glad those days are done for me..looking for a job anyways!!

scrapgeek said...

Interviewing candidates for jobs is ALWAYS interesting! Terrific pages :)

EK said...

Cute LOs!!

Michelle said...

WOW!! Love love love the one of you and Ed!

The first one is soooo cute too!

malou said...

Yes, it is always very nerve wracking when you are the interviewee at least you are the interviewer! Love the LO's esp the one w/you and ED. Happy Thanksgiving,girl!

noell said...

OOh, I love the way you collaged your photos, along with the embellishments in Cutie and Us. A great look.www

Dawn said...

Hello my friend... Happy Thanksgiving - do you celebrate Thanksgiving? we don't in the UK but we really should. Gorgeous LO's as always xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Liz Ness said...

Wow! These designs are AWESOME! Especially like the Cutie one (but, all are great)!