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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Product Review: Oli's Boxship

Our house always welcome new and exciting ways to have the kids entertained. It is an outlet the usual academic expectations they get in school and just be able to relax and take their time in making something for their own enjoyment.

It has been awhile that I could remember that my son, C, was the one who did the previous ones for Explore Sandbox & Kahon.  
So, given the rare chance to do it again but this time, with Oli's Boxship
So it was a pure joy to be able to do it again but this time with my daughter, S, who has seen her brother do it in the past but was too young to comprehend the instructions.  It has also been awhile since I have seen something worthwhile to check out or even peaked my interest but Oli's Boxship did get me curious.

Today's product review is no different and it got me excited when I saw it.

I recently met Stephanie Lim of Oli's Boxship who invited me to try out their December craft box.
I know for sure that my daughter would take this box on since she enjoys creating things.

Oli's Boxship's motto is "igniting creative play" and prides itself with a monthly subscription box delivered right to your doorstep with your child's own name on the box. It is geared towards 4-9 years old but I believe a 3 year old would also enjoy this with some good assistance from the parents.  I can say that when I received Sab's box, it was one of the sturdy ones.
I know that each Olibox will be sent directly to your child specially made and under his/her name. I am sure my Sab was all excited with this box since it was really for her. Love it!

What do you get in each box?
Craft materials for two activities, instruction book with activities and a story book

Here's a closer look...

For the December activity box, the activities are:-
1.) Our book is " The Gingerbread Man"
I enjoyed that the book matched what we were doing and that peaked Sab's interest in finding out what happened to the gingerbread man. The book was also appropriate to her age - early reader. She was able to read a bit of the main words. Colin was able to help her with the rest and told us that he read this last year at his class.

2.) Craft #1 - Craftivity
This jump started our holiday celebration at the kid's room without taking up a lot of space!
I liked that I did not need to do anything but follow whatever the instruction book told us. My kids were able to read it and do most of it independently with the graphic instructions. It made them more confident and independent.

Some assistance was needed initially for the "cutting out the shapes".

Sab was later doing it all herself by then. Cutting is a wonderful way to develop better hand coordination for writing later on. I know we need this since Sab's going to be entering big school soon and writing is one of the most important aspects stressed by the school to be able to express onself aside from speaking.

Tracing the stencil on the felt was good practice also on hand control and making sure the impression transfers well for cutting.

My son had to join in the fun!

This is cooperation at its finest --> Sab was having trouble gluing the candy cane stripe so Colin offered to put the glue while Sab would place the white stripes on the candy cane ornaments.

Colin helped decorate the stockings in detail.

After making all the ornaments, it was time to place them all on the tree. The kids had such a wonderful time in deciding what to put where. We made some improvisations to a few of the other ornaments.

3.) Craft #2 - Funcycle
This teaches kids upcycling wherein the Oli Boship's own box was used to create a gingerbread house!
The whole pouch had all that we needed and we were able to use some of the felt from Craft #1 to add to the decorations.

Have a look! Sab is getting quite good in the cutting this time around.

**Some adult assistance was needed for making the base of the gingerbread house since we had to use the glue gun. Make sure you put the gun and the heated glue away from my your child as you work on any of these projects.

Gross motor skills at work for the Velcro tape for this little one. She discovered textures and having better grip on the scissors. 

Velcro was placed for the felt paper ornaments and pompoms would stick. See what Sab did in the end.

4.) Other fun stuff
- Crafty cooking recipes like making a snowman from marshmallows for the holidays
- Vocabulary/Glossary
- Trivia on Christmas (since our box was all about Christmas)
- Crossword puzzle on how to say Merry Christmas in other foreign languages

Our Family Verdict?
It is a big YES to Oli's Boxship!

I love how I get to utilize the contents and it's own box for the project. Nothing is wasted and it provided a really cool way to teach kids to recycle!

I appreciate that there is a matching book for reading and an early learning school book (read on). I do not know if they will be matching the age group of your child but it would be cool if they do have a book that would match the box based on the reading aptitude/age group since I know that my son has already read this for school last year as what he informed me.

I enjoyed learning more on the back side of the book on trivia and doing the crossword with my daughter. It was a good introduction to crossword puzzles that we could do together.

Of course I am more leaning to learning about other boxships in the futures especially ones that will combine craft and science or discovery sciences. But the kids all gave their seal of approval. They enjoyed every bit of it.

For me, bonding over the crafts and book were important to me. Everyone at home really took the time to do the activities and learn all about the Gingerbread Man's story.

I am excited to see how Oli's Boxship will fair in the coming months.  I think you, my readers, feel the same when you've tried it. :)

- Mommy Cheryl

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hakab Na 2015: Breastfeeding and Work - Yes we Can!

My life revolves around family, kids and Attachment Parenting with emphasis to Gentle Birthing, Breastfeeding and Babywearing.  Whenever August gets closer, I get giddy in anticipation for the first of the many activities is the annual Big Latch On / Hakab Na.

This is an annual event that celebrates Breastfeeding Month and is incorpiration with Breastfeeding Pinays and KAYA.  This year's theme is Breastfeeding and Work: Let's Make It Work!

This year's Hakab Na! brought together 1,712 mothers simultaneously latching their babies in different gatherings around the country.  In Manila, it was held in 500 Shaw Zentrum in Mandaluyong and had over 1000 attendees – mothers with her family. The event was featured on major television networks like ABS CBN, GMA, ABC, and Solar; and major dailies like Philippine Star, Manila Times, etc.  Hakab Na! 2015 also had prominent online presence with features in Rappler, SunStar, Thomson Reuters Foundation News, Independent UK, The Telegraph UK and various blogs. 

This year's event is even bigger with a bigger venue to match it's sheer magnitude.  Not only is the simultaneous latching happened but there was a mommy-baby bazaar and talks that made the event a whole day affair!

These were the cool gate bands for registrants!

A mother's bazaars!

Beautifying Breastfeeding Mommies - a nail salon at the event!

Speakers this year were Ines Fernandez, Dr Anthony Calibo, Dr Julie Smith, Eliza Ypon then the administrators of Breastfeeding Pinays had an Ask The Admin (Live) Session.

Nanay Ines spoke about breastfeeding and Nutrition

Our wonderful host, Abie was as lively and entertaining.

Elisa Santiago of MAC shared with how mothers can beautify and taking care of themselves even when they are breastfeeding.

DOH's Doctor Anthony Calibo spoke about the government's initiatives and importance given to breastfeeding.

There was also the FAQ Panel wherein the administrators and founders of Breastfeeding Pinays were there to answer live questions from attendees, which was a lot of fun.

Some of the photos of the event are below. Credits to the photographers since I wasn't able to get photos at the event.

A very jam-packed event! I can see so many wonderful and familiar some new ones I've met that day.
Some of the Instagram photos with fellow committee-mates...

The loot that went home to each breastfeeding mother was a lot more than the entry ticket!

The Team...these people make doing this every year a truly wonderful experience.

There are also satellite venues that breastfed simultaneously to as far as Singapore and Paris, France!
We are thankful for our wonderful sponsors and media partners that helped make this possible!

Venue Sponsor: 500 Shaw Zentrum

David's Salon
Huggies Philippines
Party Boosters
Smart Steps

Media Partners:-
Mommy Talk

Print Media:-
Thompson Reuters

Pilipino Mirror

The Standard, August 2, 2015, Page A8

The Sunday Times Aug 2, 2015 page A2

Manila Bulletin, August 2, 2015, Page 6

TV Patrol

Video Coverage:-

ABS-CBN News...I was very lucky to have met Ms Jasmin Romero of ABS who my whole family watches everyday and who we love...she was able to cover Hakab Na 2015! The interview with my good friend Ros and her hubby was aired!