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Monday, December 12, 2011

Kikay Kendz' Christmas giveaway

After a BFF's Christmas gift of make-up lessons and a photo shoot after, I've been more keen in knowing what make-up's would work for me and got a few valuable tips on applying make-up better. (Thank you Tam!)
It's a pretty intense class offered in PureBeauty in Serendra...that teacher beginners to professionals. My favorite segment was shaping our eyebrows!

So when I found out that a fellow blogger friend of mine will be offering make-up...correction -good suitable make-up for me up for grabs, there was no hesitation for me to try my luck!
Who would say no to Good quality make-up!?!

More details are on KikayKendz' site :
The requirement are easy so why not?

Go give it a go for those Filipina friends of mine!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dainty Mom & Latch A Babe Contest

Being a mother who wants the best for her child, I try to do the best that I can for my son's betterment. Breastfeeding is one of the best things I can do for him. So, finding the right nursing wear to further make breastfeeding easier when I'm out is tough. I'm thankful that there are other enterpreneur mothers saw the need and did something about it. Currently, there is a surge of nursing top options out in the market that is both functional and stylish for everyday use at affordable prices.
Thus, if there's any way to promote (and maybe have the chance to win) them, I'm all for it!

I've been a fan of Latch a Babe for a while now but never got the chance to really visit them. I'd just be checking out their Facebook album and be having wish list toughts in my head. Obviously I didn't expect to have the chance to get any of their items till now!!! Check out below.

Dainty Mom and Latch a Babe is having a contest wherein one can walk away with these prizes:
1/ Latch a Babe top.
2/ Discount Coupons from Latch a Babe, giving you 20% off on any of their products

Check out some of the options below. Aren't they so cute!!!

Game Mechanics are below:

(a) This contest is governed by DaintyMom’s contest policies.

(b) You must be a resident of the Philippines.

(c) You may submit your entries until December 1, 2011 11:59 PM via Dainty Mom's site -
More details are indicated in her site.

So join if you can!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Autumn Rising...Outing to be

There's now a breeze in the evening and the days are shorter compared to nights. You all know what that's closing in Christmas...and what perfect way to commemorate this than by taking in the new kit by MKC called All Spice: the Kit available at TDC. :)

I was inspired by the labels in this kit that I found my inspiration for a recent family photoshoot for this kit.

Credits: All Spice: the Kit by MKC available at TDC; Font: Trubble

All's well with the family right now. No one is currently sick so I'm happy.
Bazaars are popping left and right around the Metro. I'm starting on Christmas shopping to avoid the rush and having to worry about not finding the "right gifts" for friends, family and relatives.

Also, we are planning a short trip this coming long weekend so we are all excited since it would also mean it's Colin's first out-of-town trip, aside from coming home from HKG around a year ago. My my fast time flies!

Friday, October 28, 2011

2012 Calendar Project

It's that time of the year...when calendar templates are the biggest essential for a scrapper like me. I know I started these early on when we first got our little chihuahua, Chiqui then the year after, we did a whole spread of Colin. Now, I'm hoping to do a balance of the two but with so many new photos of Colin, we shall see. :P Poor little Chiqui...

I used MKC's 2012 Calendar Dots & Stripes available at TDC for my 2012 calendar project. I loved how easy it is to use with some frames and some templates - you can add your photo and some cute comment as easy as 1, 2 and 3. How can you go wrong with this kit???!!!

Here's my take on this really cool calendar template!

Credits: MKC's 2012 Calendar Dots & Stripes available at TDC, elements from other MKC kits like Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Just So You Know, and Thirfty Finds.

So far, Colin and I are doing better but we still need to watch out. There's a few bad virus lurking around town and from what I've been hearing from other parents, it's hitting them pretty hard. Be safe everyone!

Long weekend is around us but I've scheduled a few Halloween parties for Colin this week. Todays' the start till Saturday. I'm hoping to also squeeze in another for Sunday &/or Monday but we shall see how it goes. It's one crazy weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boys & Their Toys

Oh, it's great to be back and well again.
After taking a short trip to HKG, I caught something and had to be confined for about 3 days...this upon learning that my fever wouldn't go away for 3 straight days. To make matters worst, Colin was also sick (not from me but from a virus going around while we were away) so the tough part of juggling getting well and taking care of the little one. I'm thankful for supportive parents, spouse and nanny to boot.
On another note, It's great to be back scrapping and with tons of great goodies to use, finding the right photo for the kit is key. I got excited when I learned of MKC's Planes, Trains & Automobiles - The Collection available at TDC. It's so perfect for Colin's recent photos and his love for any vehicular. I believe it's his father's brainwashing is to blame.
It's a lot lot lot of papers and elements that made me giddy in my knees when I saw the collection. The colors are vibrant and the vehicle elements so rocks! I recommend this kit whether it be for boys or girls since it can work as a travel kit &/or a boy exploration topic.

I've got the perfect photo for this kit...Colin's 1 year photoshoot! It was a sure hoot to take and I'm so happy to have the photo below be scrapped. :D

Credits: MKC's Planes, Trains & Automobiles - The Collection available at TDC; Font - Foxjump

Sunday, September 18, 2011

agnes b. Store Update (Enfant & Layette)

I'm excited for this...

anges b. ENFANT & LAYETTE is now officially launched in Hong Kong!!!

Passionate for freedome and unrestrained lifestyle, Agnes B. loves children by their innoncence and pureness! Their simplicity and virtue echo to her “young at heart” essence, which makes her to create the agnes b. ENFANT and LAYETTE collection.

Shop 305, The Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay HK

Also available in
Shop 3089-97 Podium Level 3, ifc Mall, Central Hong Kong / 852.2805.0678
Shop LG I-40, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon / 852.2265.7018

Friday, September 02, 2011

12 Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

12 Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them
by Dana Dubinsky

Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board
Last updated: January 2011

  1. Hunger

  2. A dirty diaper

  3. Needs sleep

  4. Wants to be held

  5. Tummy troubles (gas, colic, and more)

  6. Needs to burp

  7. Too cold or too hot

  8. Something small

  9. Teething

  10. Wants less stimulation

  11. Wants more stimulation

  12. Not feeling well

What to do if your baby's still crying

There's no getting around it: Babies cry. It's how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, a need for sleep, and more.

So how are parents supposed to know what their baby is trying to tell them? It can be tricky to interpret your child's cries, especially at first.
Here are the most common reasons babies cry. If your little one is wailing and you don't know why, work your way down the list. Chances are you'll find something that helps.

1. Hunger
This is probably the first thing you think of when your baby cries.
Learning to recognize the signs of hunger will help you start your baby's feedings before the crying stage. Some signs to watch for in newborns: fussing, smacking of lips, rooting (a newborn reflex that causes babies to turn their head toward your hand when you stroke their cheek), and putting their hands to their mouth.

2. A dirty diaper
Some babies let you know right away when they need to be changed. Others can tolerate a dirty diaper for quite a while.
Either way, this one is easy to check and simple to remedy.

3. Needs sleep
Aren't babies lucky? When they're tired they can simply go to sleep – anytime, anywhere. Or so adults like to think.

In reality, it's harder for them than you might think. Instead of nodding off, babies may fuss and cry, especially if they're overly tired.

Parents' voices
We thought our daughter was colicky for the first five weeks of life, until we read about how babies get really cranky if they're exhausted. After we started putting her to sleep as soon as she yawned the first time at any time of the day, she cried a lot less and had fewer problems with gas.
— Anonymous

I've noticed that if my baby starts crying after being played with, fed, and changed, and she's been up for a while, she is overtired! I just hold her close, talk to her in a soft voice, and let her cry. She doesn't cry hard when I hold her like that. She makes funny fussy noises with her eyes closed. Before long, she's sound asleep.
— Stefanie

My 2 ½-month-old is so interested in everything that she doesn't want to stop being part of it by falling asleep. Yet she's tired and cranky at the same time. Minimizing sensory input sometimes helps her feel like she's not "missing something" by settling down. (And then there are the times when she's just going to cry no matter what I do.)
— Anonymous

4. Wants to be held
Babies need a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents' faces, hear their voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and can even detect their unique smell. Crying can be their way of asking to be held close.

You may wonder if you'll spoil your baby by holding him so much, but during the first few months of life that isn't possible. To give your arms some relief, try wearing your baby in a front carrier or sling.

Parents' voices
I like to lightly wrap my daughter in a soft blanket, hold her in a nursing position and lightly stroke her face and head. She loves feeling my hands in her hair and calms down pretty quickly.
— Tiffany

My son loves to hear my voice, so when he cries uncontrollably, I hold him close to my chest and tell him that Mommy is here and will protect him. Within minutes, he is sleeping in my arms!
— Jey

5. Tummy troubles (gas, colic, and more)
Tummy troubles associated with gas or colic can lead to lots of crying. In fact, the rather mysterious condition called colic is defined as inconsolable crying for at least three hours a day, at least three days a week, at least three weeks in a row.

If your baby often fusses and cries right after being fed, he may be feeling some sort of tummy pain. Many parents swear by over-the-counter anti-gas drops for babies or gripe water (made from herbs and sodium bicarbonate) . Get your doctor's okay before using either of these.
Even if your baby isn't colicky and has never been fussy after eating, an occasional bout of gas pain can make him miserable until he works it out. If you suspect gas, try something simple to eliminate it such as putting him on his back, holding his feet, and moving his legs in a gentle bicycling motion.

Discover other possible causes of babies abdominal pain, including reflux, stomach flu, milk allergy, lactose intolerance, constipation, and intestinal blockage.

Parents' voices
One time when my daughter was 9 months old she cried inconsolably for two hours. She had never done that before (nursing was always the answer to everything, but this time she wouldn't even nurse) and we had to catch a cross-country flight. The doctor told me to take her to a nearby clinic. While we waited in the exam room, she let out a big fart, and after that she was fine. It was just gas.
— Kate

When my daughter was a baby she was gassy a lot, and would scream and cry in pain. I would give her some infant gas drops, lay her on my bed on her back, and gently push her knees up to her belly in a rocking motion and sing a little song. Soon she would let out some farts and be fine.
— Wife & mommy of two

If your baby is wearing any kind of pants, especially with a somewhat snug elastic waist, try pulling the waistband away from the belly to see if it helps. Sometimes that little bit of pressure hurts their tummy.
— Mom of 2

Just found out why my baby has been crying badly for the last day and a half – he was constipated! He finally passed a 4-inch poop that was very, very hard. Suppositories work wonders.
— txblondetori

6. Needs to burp
Burping isn't mandatory. But if your baby cries after a feeding, a good burp may be all he needs.
Babies swallow air when they breastfeed or suck from a bottle, and if the air isn't released it may cause some discomfort. Some babies are intensely bothered by having air in their tummy, while others don't seem to burp or need to be burped much at all.

Parents' voices
My little one often cries because he has a difficult time burping after a feed, even with back rubbing and patting. What I found helps is some "tummy time." He'll often let out a great big burp after a few minutes on his tummy.
— Anonymous

I can't count how many times I've burped (or tried unsuccessfully to burp) my little one when she's fussy after a feeding. Some more walking around and patting on the back will sometimes let loose a HUGE belch – no wonder she was crying!
— NovPiglet

7. Too cold or too hot
When your baby feels chilly, such as when you remove his clothes to change a diaper or clean his bottom with a cold wipe, he may protest by crying.
Newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm — but not too warm. As a rule, they're comfortable wearing one more layer than you need to be comfortable. Babies are less likely to complain about being too warm than about being too cold, and they won't cry about it as vigorously.

8. Something small
Babies can be troubled by something as hard to spot as a hair wrapped tightly around a tiny toe or finger, cutting off circulation. (Doctors call this painful situation a "hair tourniquet," and it's one of the first things they look for if a baby seems to be crying for no reason.)
Some babies are extra sensitive to things like scratchy clothing tags or fabric.And they can be very picky (understandably) about subtleties ranging from the position they're held in to the bottle you offer.

Parents' voices
It helps me to think, "What could be making me uncomfortable if I were her?" These are some weird ones I've come up with: Is my finger or foot stuck/cramped? Do I need to sit/lie differently? The pacifier tastes gross and needs washing. This tag or outfit is itchy. It's colder near the floor. The light is too bright and the TV is annoying – I want soft music instead.
— cunnincl25

Something I've found that irritates my son is a hair wrapped around his penis. If you have a baby boy, be sure to check for hair in his diaper, since it is very sensitive down there.
— Anon

My 2-month-old cried whenever we fed him. But sometimes he'd drink ravenously, so he was obviously hungry. The problem vanished when we switched to a different brand of nipple.
— Anonymous

9. Teething
Teething can be painful as each new tooth pushes through tender young gums. Some babies suffer more than others, but all are likely to be fussy and tearful at some point along the way.
If your baby seems to be in pain and you're not sure why, try feeling his gums with your finger. You may be surprised to discover the hard nub of a baby tooth on its way in.
On average, the first tooth breaks through between 4 and 7 months, but it can happen earlier. Find out more about teething and how to ease the pain.

10. Wants less stimulation
Babies learn from the stimulation of the world around them, but sometimes they have a hard time processing it all — the lights, the noise, being passed from hand to hand. Crying can be a baby's way of saying, "I've had enough."

Many newborns enjoy being swaddled. It seems to make them feel more secure when the world gets overwhelming. If your baby's too old for swaddling or doesn't like it, try retreating to a serene spot and letting your baby vent for a while to manage a meltdown.

Parents' voices
Swaddling is a huge help, especially to infants. Being tightly wrapped mimics being in the womb and my daughter loved it.
— anonymous

My 6-month-old gets very excited (overexcited would be the right word) after we have fun together. He starts laughing at the most ridiculous sounds and when everything is quiet he starts to cry. That's when we sit on the bed with propped pillows and I read to him in a very low and soothing tone. He calms down in no time and goes to sleep!
— wajiha06

11. Wants more stimulation
A "demanding" baby may be outgoing and eager to see the world. And often the only way to stop the crying and fussing is to stay active. This can be exhausting for you!
Try "wearing" your baby in a sling, front carrier, or backpack. (Watch our video on baby carriers.) Plan plenty of activities. Hang out with other parents with babies. Go on regular outings to kid-friendly places, whether that's your local playground, a children's museum, or the zoo.

Parents' voices
My 7-month-old wants constant activity going on around him. If I put him on the floor with his toys while I work on the computer, he fusses. He's happiest when I pop him in a baby carrier while I wash dishes, do laundry, and other housework. He's also especially peaceful in stores and other public places because he's so interested in and curious about the world.
— Anonymous

12. Not feeling well
If you've met your baby's basic needs and comforted him and he's still crying, he could be coming down with something. You may want to check his temperature to rule out a fever and be alert for other signs of illness.

The cry of a sick baby tends to be distinct from one caused by hunger or frustration. If your baby's crying "just doesn't sound right," trust your instincts and call or see a doctor.

What to do if your baby's still crying
Full tummy? Check. Clean diaper? Check. Fever-free? Check.
So why is your baby crying? Babies have their own good reasons. But even the wisest parents can't read their babies' mind – and babies don't have the words to tell us what's wrong.
Fortunately, you can offer comfort without knowing the cause of distress. You'll find lots of tried-and-true methods in our article on what to do when your baby cries for "no reason."

What to do when your baby cries for "no reason"

  • Something to suck on

  • Snuggling and swaddling

  • Music & rhythm

  • White noise

  • Fresh air

  • Warm water

  • Motion

  • Massage

  • More ideas : Give yourself a break

Full tummy? Check. Clean diaper? Check. Fever-free? Check.
So why is your baby crying? Babies have their own good reasons. But even the wisest parents can't read their babies' mind – and babies don't have the words to tell us what's wrong.

If you haven't already looked at 12 reasons babies cry and how to soothe them, you may want to start there. If you still need strategies, read on. Fortunately, you can offer comfort without knowing the cause of distress.
Here are some tried and true methods:
Something to suck on
Sucking can steady a baby's heart rate, relax his stomach, and calm flailing limbs. Offer a pacifier or a finger to clamp onto and let your baby go to town.
Snuggling and swaddling
Newborns like to feel as warm and secure as they did in the womb: Try swaddling your baby in a blanket, wearing your baby, or holding him against your shoulder to re-create that feeling. Some babies find swaddling or cuddling too constrictive and respond better to other forms of comfort such as rhythmic movement or sucking a pacifier.

Parents' voices
My daughter loves to be swaddled . . . TIGHTLY. The tighter the swaddle, the bigger her smile. She also has a favorite fleece blanket that I warm up in the dryer for a few minutes before wrapping her in it.
— Anon

Music & rhythm
Try playing music, singing a lullaby or your favorite song, and dancing around the room. Experiment with different kinds of music to see what your baby responds to.

Parents' voices
We've found the best way to soothe our little one is to put on some music and dance with him. His body relaxes after about two songs and he even falls asleep sometimes. The rhythm and movement seem to do the trick.
– Tracee

White noise
The growl of a vacuum cleaner might not seem very soothing, but many babies are calmed by a steady flow of "white noise" that blocks out other noises – much like the constant whoosh of bodily sounds they heard in the womb.

Parents' voices
One thing that soothes my baby is the sound of water. I stand with him cradled in my arms with the tap running and humming his favorite song close to his ear. Within a few minutes he has calmed down!
— Melissa

The white noise of the bathroom fan works great. I carry my daughter into the bathroom and run the fan in there. It usually just takes a few seconds and she is calm again.
— Anon

My two boys love the sound of the vacuum. Several times, when my now-5-year-old was a baby, we just let the vacuum run outside his bedroom door.
— Anon

I had read about white noise as a soother for babies. So I recorded a few minutes of the fountain in front of the pediatrician' s office. Now whenever my son gets a bit fussy, I play it on the home stereo and BAM! Within seconds he calms right down. The sound of my guitar works too, as I used to play a lot while he was in utero. — Dave

Fresh air
Sometimes simply opening the front or back door and stepping outside with your baby stops the crying instantly. If it works, savor the moment: Look around, look up at the sky, talk to your baby about the world around your home – whether it's a quiet cul-de-sac or a busy city street.

Warm water
Like fresh air, warm water can soothe and put a stop to your baby's tears.

For a change from a bath, try holding your baby in your arms under a gently running shower. Don't push it if your baby doesn't like the noise or splashing water, but some babies really take to it. Just make sure your shower is slip-proof.

The movement involved in being carried in your arms or a carrier may be enough. Other ways to get your baby in motion: a rocking chair, swing, or bouncy seat; setting your baby in a car seat on the dryer while it's on (don't walk away, though – the dryer's vibrations can cause the seat to move and fall off!); a ride in the stroller or car.

Parents' voices
When my baby has her "evening fussiness" I hold her and bounce on an exercise ball. This soothes her to sleep and I get in some exercise and cuddling at the same time.
— Emmezmommy

Most babies love to be touched, so a massage might be just the thing. Don't worry about not knowing the perfect movements — as long as they're gentle and slow, they should bring comfort.
More ideas
For more tips on soothing a fussy baby, see our article on coping with colic. Even if your baby doesn't have colic, take a look. You'll find strategies that work for all sorts of fussy babies.

Parents' voices
If I've tried everything and my son is still crying, I just start over. I take off all his clothes, change his diaper, rub him down with a bit of calming lotion, get him dressed, hold him close, and if he's still crying, feed him. It always seems to work.
— Anon

Give yourself a break
A crying baby who can't easily be soothed puts a lot of stress on parents. Thankfully, as your baby gets older, he'll be better able to soothe himself and much of the crying will stop.
In the meantime, don't feel guilty about taking care of yourself as well as your baby. It'll make you a more patient and loving parent. When you're reaching your limit, try these tips:
Put your baby down in a safe place and let him cry for a while.
Call a friend or relative and ask for advice
Let someone you trust take over for a while.
Put on quiet music to distract yourself.
Take deep breaths.

Remind yourself that crying in itself won't hurt your baby – and he may just need the release.
Repeat to yourself, "My baby will outgrow this phase."
Whatever you do, don't express your frustration by shaking your baby.

Parents' voices
I'm a first-time mother. I can handle the sleepless nights and dirty diapers, but the crying can be a bit overwhelming. I've cried with the baby. Sometimes when it gets to be too much, I just step back, take a deep breath, hand the baby over to my husband and tell him it's "me time."
— Anonymous

When my son cries for no reason, I try reading books and showing him the pictures. Sometimes he is just gassy and I let him lie on his tummy and it helps. Other times he just needs to cry so I let him cry for five minutes or so and then try soothing him.
— pnk_da_z

I always try to remember what someone once told me: "Sometimes everyone just needs a good cry. How would you feel if you needed to cry and someone wouldn't let you but tried everything to stop your crying." Now I just hold my baby and let him cry. He knows I'm there and he'll stop when he feels better.
— Anonymous

It took me a while to learn that it was okay to put my baby in his crib for a break during crying fits. Sometimes just a five-minute break from the crying is enough to refresh a weary and frustrated parent and give you the energy to continue your comforting and investigating.
— luke & max

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sew...long over due...

Got some partial news - I made some life-changing decision for myself and my family. It's definitely something I had thought long and hard. I had to weigh in so many things but is happy with my decision. I will tell you more when it becomes official. Stay tuned...for now, I'm so happy to be back scrapbooking again. As a start, I played with Sew Cute by Sugarplum Paperie, Danielle Engebretson Designs and MKC.

Show off your Beautiful Handmade Crafts with this adorable kit from Sugarplum Paperie, Danielle Engebretson Designs and Mari Koegelenberg Creations. Packed with Gorgeous Shabby & Chic Papers, Unique Elements and the cutest set of Word Art you will love creating special keepsakes with this Collaboration Kit.
Have a look below:-

I had to use one of my favorite photos of C - he's my original little man, made with love.
Credits: Sew Cute - a Collaboration between Sugarplum Paperie, Danielle Engebretson Designs and MKC

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lactation Coaches in HKG

Before calling up any of the lactation coaches below, I would recommend that you first go to a La Leche League meeting. I think LLL is one of the best resources for breastfeeding mothers in Hong Kong. Often, a leader from the group can help you with problems before you need to hire a lactation consultant. Sometimes, breastfeeding is rough no matter what you do.

If after the meetings, you still find a need for a lactation coach/consultant, you can try to below. A small disclosure...I didn't personally try them. I just compiled the list for a friend and thought this might be useful for other breastfeeding mothers.

1.) Lotus Lactation. Sarah Hung has been active with LLL. time with breastfeeding.

2.) May Hui does home visits. Note that I have heard that she gives painful massages with sometimes moms get a fever the following day. May Hui's number is 852 9070 2668

3.) Wendy at Annerley - her direct number is: 852 6575 8564.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is a late update but I do want to spread the word about this medication for osteoperosis and its side effects that affected my family.

BRAND NAME(S): Fosamax

My mom broke her right femur (thigh bone) in December last year. She didn't fall or anything. She was talking to my dad at home beside the bed and was leaning to her left. She moved to her right and maybe twisted her leg a bit or maybe moved her full weight on her right leg then she then heard a "crack" and fell to the floor.

My dad and I & E were there and I called my brother and his wife. My mom was in pure pain but her being a doctor, instructed my dad and I calmly find something to immobilize her upper leg.
By the time my brother and wife arrived, mom was lying on the floor with her leg in a makeshift splint. We called the ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital.
The doctor came to see her around lunch time the following day and looked at the Xrays and said it was most likely a metastasis of her breast cancer.

Actually mom, a breast cancer patient (2 years and counting), had been experiencing pain/weakness in her legs for a few months. A few weeks before this accident, her bone scan showed some suspicious areas in both her femurs. A subsequent MRI showed that they more likely were not cancer cells but the doctors could not rule it out. Her oncologist said that likely they were not cancer cells because they appeared in symmetrically in both femurs and in the exact same spot of each femur.

Anyway, we were also thinking that it might be because mom has been taking Fosamax for 10 years now. Recently, there have been more cases of strange fractures (hip, femur, etc.) for people who were taking Fosamax long term.

Mom's X-rays are below. The cut was very clean, no jagged edges. The doctor said they only see clean breaks like these if one was hit by a car.

Her operation was scheduled at 8pm that evening but was actually operated on at 10pm and then everything was done by 12am. She woke up at 3am and was wheeled to the room. Dad stayed with her in hospital that evening.

At any rate, when they did the operation last night, they put a pin and bone cement into the leg. They also did a biopsy of the bone area, but the doctor said after looking at it he has changed his mind and thinks that it is Fosamax, not Cancer. So that is the great news!

The doctor was so sure that it wasn't Fosamax before the operation because he reasoned that most of the Fosamax cases he's seen are fractures in a slightly higher area, than where mom's is. Now that he has changed his mind, he is now equally sure that it is not Cancer.

Anyway, we waited the official biopsy results which should be out in a week and the fracture is caused by long term Fosamax use until anything else changes.
Everyone was in good spirits after knowing this and everyone is in a good mental state.

Also, we will have to think of what to do with the left femur. The bone scan also showed the same suspicious area. The family is thinking that we should also put a pin and bone cement (and also get a biopsy). Otherwise, we will just be waiting for another fracture down the road, but we'll see what the options are. The doctor seems to think that if it is not cancer, there are other ways to strengthen the bone rather than operating to put a pin and cement. We'll see.

Please tell your family and friends to to stop taking Fosamax for more than 5 years. The side effects are pretty limited in writing but I know there are some here and the list seems to grow by the day.


Further updates...

Mom, with the support of the family, to have her left femur operated on to ensure no further fractures to happen. The doctor recommended this time to cement and pin the leg, unlike what was done on the right femur.

After much complaints from mom that she is still unstable when she walks up to now on her right side, mom also had her right femur operated on by replacing a thicker rod (cement) and place a pin on both top and bottom of the rod for added stability and balance.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Essentials (updated 20 Apr 2011)

Our Top Baby Essentials are:-
  1. Bibs, lots of them since Colin drools a lot and we used these little tissue paper!
  2. Moving mobile like the ones from tiny love because it was a handy toy that kept him busy while we changed him
  3. Baby carrier that can be used for enfants up to 2 years old like from Combi's Magical Compact; very handy when we travel or take walks
  4. Baby pants because they are good cover-ups from bugs/mosquitos during the evenings especially when Colin is asleep and kicks his blanket often
  5. A good breast pump; preferably one that can also be used in the car because you'll be married to it for roughly 6 months or more; it gives you the freedom to still pump anywhere...especially for working mothers
  6. Teether - whether it be with water or not, it helped a lot for babies with fast growing teeth.
  7. Baby safety bed railing especially for parents that cohabit with their babies; avoid the risk of having baby fall out of bed during midnight feedings and it can later be used for when they star sleeping on their own beds
  8. Bib clips like these because not all bibs fit exactly to your babies and sometimes the necklines have gaps that aren't effective in soaking baby's drool or milk...with the clips, you can adjust as the grow

Top 5 "shouldn'ts" are:-
  1. Infant shoes...b/c they don't really get used aside from maybe for parties and they get outgrown quite quickly; get baby socks instead
  2. Baby nail clippers especially if you don't have steady hands and a light sleeper baby...better to just use a nail file to avoid accidents
  3. Pretty maternity to invest in nursing tops instead because you'll use it more after pregnancy; get normal stretched tops when you are pregnant or borrow if you can
  4. Too much infant/newborn baby cloths...they outgrow it too soon; I know it's too tempting due to the sheer amount of uber cute baby cloths but do resist and borrow if you can...also babies don't regularly attend parties so do resist buying too many party cloths
  5. Baby sleeper like these because they outgrow it too fast and in our case, Colin prefers body heat a lot than sleeping alone in this bed...FYI our parents were concern that I'd roll over Colin when we cohabit so this was our solution. Borrow if you can instead. This only lasted us for two weeks!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Festivities

It's officially summer already in MNL. The sun is high and hot. We are all getting ready for Colin's 1st Easter celebration. One way to commemorate this 1st moments is with this jam-packed collection from Mari Koegelenberg called Easter Bunnies The Collection available at TDC.

It's filled with adorbale bunnies, decorated egss, spring blooms and handy journaling tags and fun title strips creating your Easter memories cannot be easier. My favorite things in this collection is the printable quotes and cute bunnies!

Credits: Easter Bunnies The Collection by Mari Koegelenberg

This is what we did for the Holy Week weekend:-

Maundy Thursday: C and I stayed at home. Woke up late to take advantage and bonded more with each other. C ate his solids, carrots and bananas, better using grandma's blender. He went to visit some friends in grandma's (C) place like S and Baby J on the 10/F. Uncle Charlie's coming over tonight. Hope to see him on Easter Sunday for lunch. Bad migrane for mom so wasn't able to bring C to the club. Cousin Jer, Aunt R and Uncle J came to visit us after their Clark trip.
All happy that grandma was able to get discharged earlier than expected so we were all able to spend Holy Week together as a family. Grandma's doing far better than before. Definitely something had to be done to make the healing easier.

Good Friday: mom plans to work a bit more but hope to squeeze in club time later in the afternoon. E's going to the province for a meeting with grandpa and Uncle Charlie.

Black Saturday: lunch with grandpa & ma (C)

Easter Sunday: lunch with grandpa & ma (E)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Is it Summer or Spring? (also old published news)

I'm so sorry for the overdue post. I had to bring the good ol' laptop to the shop to fix a virus. Definitely not happy but good thing it's all done and over with already! The best part of all, I was able to save my files and the virus wasn't as bad as we expected. Yehey!!!
FYI: I'm also thankful for my iPad that came in handy as a back-up computer. :)

Also, I'm happy to report that though we don't have Spring in MNL and it's suppose to be Summer but it doesn't feel like Summer at all! It ironically feels more like Spring with cooler nights and cloudy to mild days. It brings to mind an appropriate kit by Mari Koegelenberg's In the Birdhouse Kit with its colorful spring blossoms, birdhouses and other sweet birds theme. My favorite is the handmade flowers from crumpled to rolled paper flowers that can lighten and brighten up any digital layout!
Check out the preview below.

Credit: In the Birdhouse Kit by Mari Koegelenberg; Font - Myriad Pro

Okay - now I don't know how I missed this one out but I found out just today that I got featured in DST's October newsletter! It think it was around the time I gave birth and everything was just a blur. :) The layout featured was for my Colin Edward piece.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giving Birth in HKG

There are a few people who have asked me why we gave birth in HKG.
The usual side comment are:
  • why go that far when you have everything and everyone in MNL to help you?
  • it's going to be more expensive there, why do it?
  • the cost would be double if you are not based there since you would need to have two doctors monitoring you?
  • isn't it too much of a hassle?
The above comments are valid but I would believe that E and I did it because we would want to give our baby the option of another life outside of MNL. An option that might be visible only too far down the road so if we, as parents, can do it, why not?
Also our decision's end result may not flourish now but it will later on ~ "hassles" are only a temporary thing...C will surely thank us for it.

Giving birth abroad...some Traveling Abroad Reminders
  1. Pregnancy women should bring as much documentation as possible regarding their own medical history and antenatal care that they have received during their pregnancies. This documentation should include details of all tests and scans carried out during the pregnancy as well as any medications prescribed for the mother or any instances in which bed rest was advised. Women who plan to travel abroad to give birth should also advise their doctors and midwives of this as early as possible so that all required information can be collected before its time to travel.

  2. Ensure you place all important documents in your handbag or hand carry bag since you might be asked in various airport gates of clarification and confirmation. Never in your check-in luggage. When in doubt, bring ALL.

  3. Choose an appropriate itinerary. It is not recommended that pregnancy women fly more than three hours when they travel to give birth abroad. It is also not recommended that such women then travel for mor than three hours when they land (such as by car, bus or train). With these guidelines in mind, women should strive to find a travel schedule that will not over-tax their bodies, make them travel too close to the due date or restrict the items (for themselves or their babies) that they can bring with them as luggage.

  4. Elect an appropriate facility in which to give birth abroad is important - if possible, women should be in contact with a doctor or clinic prior to leaving home so that it is known that they will be giving birth and can be put on the "schedule". Women should look for facilities large enough to accommodate any emergencies that could arise, or for facilities known to deal well with any other factors (the birth of multiples, water births, etc). Family and friends who live in the area where a woman will give birth can be a great resource when it comes time to pick a facility and doctor.

  5. Women who give birth abroad will receive a birth certificate from that country but will need to register their child's birth with the British authorities. There are some exclusions to this rule, however, as there are some countries in which foreign births can not be registered. Women should check with the British authorities in that country to find out more about registering a birth abroad.
    For more information about Secondary Citizenship Queries, please refer here.

  6. Women interested in giving birth abroad should make this decision as early as possible to give themselves the greatest amount of time to organize their travel and medical plans. Plan early and do inform the airline carrier of your condition to check what is each carrier's pregnancy regulations. Note that as you wait longer in your term to fly, the heavier and harder on yourself it will be.
Midwife IPuiYi) or Newborn Nanny or none?
Warning: If they will want a midwife, they have to start searching (it might be too late since a friend of mine started calling on her 4th month and had some trouble picking the right midwife for them) because good and decently priced midwives are a premium. They are being snapped up like hot pancakes. It's also aluxury to have one since the price is high depending on experience and expectations.


the GOOD...
(1) trained/licensed professional ~ a midwife is licensed to take care of the baby and the mom. She cooks, cleans and takes care of both persons so it makes it a lot easier on the mother-in-laws, husbands. She can be given a budget to buy groceries to cook for the mom. Note that she cooks gelai items more and might look stricter than a mother-in-law but the mom can say no to her compared to a mother-in-law.

(2) the experience ~ our midwife taught us so many things that even the other blogs didn't tell us like how to effectively bath a baby, what to do during feedings (not to have him sleep on you so you wouldn't waste so much time of him latched on to you), baby sleep, etc.

(3) the baths!!! ~ Cantonese gelai allows for baths and the midwife can prepare ginger bath water for use as often as the mom wants though I went through two weeks of no bathing just selective washings to still go through the gelai.

the BAD...
(1) the price ~ our midwife is only on a 8hour shift so it's more like 10am to 7pm. She goes home and it's normally the evenings that are tougher...though that's why you get them in the mornings since you're tired and sleepy and would try to catch up on sleep. You can hire them for two shifts - 24/7 service but note the price.

(2) the conflicts ~ there might be conflicting gelai items between Canto vs MNL Chinese styles, etc.

(3) the language barrier ~ not a lot of midwives in HKG speak fluent English. Some hardly utter a word of English though there are some with decent vocabulary. You might have to be patient in finding an English speaking one since most of the ones we were referred to were Canto speaking. (In our case, we didn't mind since E knows a bit more and E's side of the family can communicate for us if we can't.)

My advice...since a midwife normally just stays with you for a month or two, it would be good to have a Newborn nanny already with you also since the midwife will teach or coach the Newborn nanny to continue on and assist you.

For those who would be interested - our PuiYi's name is Ying Jie (Mandarin for "English") - 852.9656.5158, if your are interested. Tell her that you were recommended by Wong Sin Sang or Cheryl Wong.
Note: she doesn't speak much English; speaks mostly Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin only.

HKG Doctors...
I love the doctors in HKG. Pricey but professional. I surely miss Colin's pediatrician since he's so close to the house and very easy to talk to. Love him and my OB who's a wonderful man.
If we are to be blessed again and to give birth in HKG, we hope to have both professionals on our side :)

OB: Dr Eric Lee (Central District)
Office: Room 1501, 15/F, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central
Tel No: 852.2521.2567
Assistant: Connie

Pediatrician: Dr Vincent Chan (Causeway Bay District)
Office: 2607 Hang Lung Centre, 2 - 22 Patterson Street, Causeway Bay
Tel No: 852.2894.8445

With regards to tips, there are a lot but some are below:

Most important places to get baby supplies in HKG...
  • Eugene Club @Central (next to H&M) and Windsor House; Bumps to Babies (Shanghai Tang Building); Marks & Spencer (Central); SOGO department stor (baby/kids section)

  • Baby Photography:
    (1) Michelle Garthe (Colin's photographer)**
    **studio is @ her home but she can also go to your home but with a small fee; more stylized photos; took Colin's photo @ 11 days old

    (2) Cheeky Monkey***
    ***no studio but no fee for any location around HK; more natural photos

  • Diaper Rash Cure:-Mustela's Vitamin Barrier Cream ~ Mustela products (full range) is located in Sogo's 6/F. There's also a Mustela Shop in Shop 220-1 The Galleria 9 Queen's Road, Central HK. If you purchase 5k in one receipt, you get to have a lifetime Mustela discount card. I prefer this than the US' Desitin due to it being better smelling.

  • Baby Wipes Alternatives:
    (1) water and cotton ~ Tenson Baby Cotton Wipes replace cotton balls and make it easier to use than cutting up cotton rolls, available @Eugene Club
    (2) If you need to use wet wipes for convenience especially when out, please ensure the wipes you use wipes with no alcohol. Colin uses Pigeon Baby Wipes and comes highly recommended.

  • Baby Carrier: Combi Magic Compact ~ This is a great carrier since it's used for newborns until 2 years old! We used this to bring Colin back to MNL.

  • Where to Breastfeed and Change Baby ~ follow here (credit to Geobaby's La Leche League HKG)

  • I blogged more on my HKG/Chinese Confinement Regiment here.
Baby Supplies and such in MNL...
  • Baby Supplies: Baby Company (various locations like Rockwell, SM Makati)

  • For Breastfeeding/Pre-natal Classes:
    (1) Lactation Coach (i went to this coach)*: Zeny C. Feliciano
    (2) Birthing Coach - Chiqui Brosas (we went to this one)
    *Both can do one-on-one appointments/sessions

  • Breast pumps:- Medela Swing Pump: My mom bought my Medela pump @ Wing-On. You can price compare versus delivery price also.

  • Milk storage plastics: Playtex Standard Pre-sterilized Disposable Liners

  • Baby Bottle Soap (MNL - far cheaper than Pigeon and works even better)
    Karen Lopez
    You can also email her at
    - she has a store opening in Shangri-la but can do home pick-ups either in QC or Makati

  • Nursing Wears:
    Cher @ Plumeshop
    Sherry @ Contour / Hip Moms and Babies
    Au Lait Nursing Wear
    - a Singapore store/brand
    Latch Wear
    - a friend's shop

  • Diaper Rash Cure: Desitin

  • Clothing Brands (department stores/boutiques): Enfant (SM Megamall, Rustan's) especially the bottoms since the garter is specially suited for enfants; Tiny Tummies (SM Megamall), GAP (Bonifacio High Street) ~ wait for sales!

  • Baby Cloths ~ outlet:
    (1) BlueParasol Inc
    Address: 58 Unit 3, Victoria Ave, New Manila, QC (two blocks away from Pizza Hut Bistro, street across St. Luke's Hospital QC)
    Tel: 632.571.8576
    Look for: Maila / Ina
    Items sold: RL/Polo, Carter's, Gerber, etc

    (2) Hello Baby / Carter's Outlet
    Address: 43 Zodiac Street Bel Air Makati
    Tel: 632.896.4802
    How to get there, if coming from EDSA, turn right to Buendia then right again after the Shell station, you’ll go straight to the Bel-air gate. That’s already Zodiac St. go straight and find number 48 to your left. The storage room is at the back of the house. Just enter the premises and follow the arrow to lead you to the back. You might want to call first to ask what their new arrivals are.
    Items sold: really cheap mittens/booties/hats/towels/receiving blankets/bibs, etc by Carter's, etc

  • Breastfeeding Tips:
    Freezing Breastmilk
Other items...
The above is more for the mom and the baby in HK.
There are other items that parents need to think about aside from the birth and baby's health like the legal side of things i.e. filing baby's birth certificate, permanent resident card, passport, etc.

I found number of good sites with a concise research on being pregnant, giving birth and up to registration with the Hong Kong government:
Please note that if your baby is a Phil citizen (i.e. both parents are Filipinos) like us, you would need to register your baby @ the Philippine embassy within thirty (30 days) of birth so they would send the details to NSO else you would have to file a Late Registration of Live Birth. This would hinder/delay your baby's passport processing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Where To Breastfeed And Change A Baby In Hong Kong

~ from Geobaby HKG (updated 2013 July 27) and other resources
  1. The Mandarin Oriental, Central - 2nd Floor powder room/washroom near the coffeeshop. Large mirror and nice attendants.
  2. Marriott, Conrad, or Shangri-La, Admiralty - Most have washrooms with a bench and mirror. Also look for the more secluded chairs in lobbies.
  3. Peninsula Hotel, T.S.T. - take the lift to the 1st floor where the bathroom is nice.
  4. Hong Kong Hotel, Kowloon side near Star Ferry. Try any other large hotels as these usually have comfy chairs in the lobbies and clean washrooms for changing babies.
  5. Jusco Department Store, Tai Koo - On the 2nd floor near the baby department there is a changing area and a place to breastfeed.
  6. Pacific Coffee and Starbuck's shops - Most have large chairs and some even have play areas for older children.
  7. Many of the newer Superstore Park N Shops have baby changing/feeding areas with chairs in them. Festival Walk (Kowloon Tong), Paradise Mall (Heng Fa Chuen), Maritime Square (Tsing Yi), Citygate (Tung Chung).
  8. All Mothercare stores have changing areas and usually a chair to sit on. The stores are in Prince's Building, Ocean Terminal, Windsor House and New Town Plaza (Shatin).
  9. Outside Toys R Us in Ocean Terminal there is a special glassed in area to breastfeed and change babies under the escalator.
  10. Eugene Club in Central (next to H&M), TST and in Windsor House (CWB)
  11. Try the changing rooms of Marks and Spencer, Mothercare, Wing On, Lane Crawford or UNY.

    If they are not too busy they will usually let you use a room. Sometimes there are chairs. If not, the carpets are relatively clean.
  12. Ikea in Causeway Bay, Shatin and Prince Edward (not far from Fa Yuen Street market) have changing tables and sometimes a chair. Try the cafeteria for breastfeeding. Usually quiet.
  13. Chep Lap Kok Airport - There are baby changing rooms so you can change and feed your baby before getting on the plane. This is great if you need to wait a long time for your departure. Then you can nurse all the way to your destination on the plane!
  14. Discovery Bay/Star Ferries - The rocking motion will even help baby fall asleep!
  15. Try feeding in McDonald's or a Chinese Dim Sum type restaurant. They are always noisy, so breastfeeding seems less obtrusive.
  16. Dan Ryan's are good places to eat with kids and they have changing tables.
  17. Jaspa's Restaurant, Sai Kung - A good place to eat with kids, very comfortable with breastfeeding mums in the restaurant.
  18. Olympic MTR station/shopping centre - Padded sofas and cubicles with lockable stalls to breastfeed in.
  19. Times Square - 9/F nursing lounge OR Lane Crawford Toilet has Chair and Counter, very quiet.
  20. Prince's Building - Ladies' toilet on the first floor of Prince's Building. Very nice! One big chair just right for breastfeeding. There is an attendant keeping the place clean and handing you fresh towels. And in the floors above are some baby and maternity shops including Mothercare, Toto, and a toy store (can't remember the name).
  21. Immigration Building in Wan Chai - Sitting on the floor of the MTR station at Admiralty (baby began crying from hunger in TST, so I bailed out at Admiralty and just sat down and fed.
  22. IFC 2 Building in Central - IFC women's rooms have breastfeeding/changing rooms(the ones across from the cinema) OR 2nd floor , nursing/baby diaper room on the corridor to the bathroom; not in ladies' rm, so daddy can keep u company OR P3 Near Lane Crawford, Baby Changing Room, small room with one chair, sink, wipes and bottle warmer.
  23. Annerley's Midwives Centre in Lyndhurst Terrace: Changing table and breastfeeding facilities
    Address: Unit 1801, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
  24. Maritime Square in Tsing Yi has a nursing room at the same level than all the babies shops and Toys'R us. Very nice and comfortable but don't count on it on week-end, people are queuing up to change baby!
  25. Lee Garden 1 on the floor with all the baby shops - a nice room with changer and couch to BF
  26. Lee Garden 2 outside Habitu, very quiet in the far corner however you are surrounded by tall buildings.
  27. Hong Kong Disneyland in - tucked away in a quiet cosy corner next o the First Aide Center is the Baby Care Room where you can breastfeed in private. It is right beside the Corner Cafe at the end of Main Street.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just So You Know by Mari Koegelenberg

Last week's surely one for the books ~ Toxic Weekend all throughout!
I'm sure Colin can vouch for this since he tried waiting for me for two nights now...he was not successful and was forced to sleep on his own without me beside him. :(
I've definitely been feeling the guilt-trip with him and breastfeeding responsibilities. With the added stress at work, milk supply has been low. Good thing that I'm pretty much open for whatever so basically Colin's been a mix eater.

E's birthday was last Friday. He and my MIL shared a joint birthday lunch dimsum. Pictures to surely follow since it also gave me material to use for scrapbooking.

Want to share with you the advantages of subscribing to a scrapbook designer's newsletter. You get freebees like the one you see below by Mari Koegelenberg ~ a freebee kit exclusive to her subscription newsletter called Just So You Know! Isn't it an absolute cutie of a kit!?!
It's exclusive, versatile, complete and free!!!! What more can one really ask for!
Read more about it here.

Credits: Mari Koegelenberg's Just So You Know (exclusive subscriber newsletter kit), font - Nyala, Photos by Winnie Wong

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Checklist & Others

last update: 14 Feb 2011

To help some friends of mine who are going to be new mothers, this blog entry is for you.
It will also be updated as I go along.

You'll need to think about the following things:
1.) Bedding - crib or co-inhabit?
2.) Bath - getting a tub or an inflatable tub, etc
3.) Bottles
- electric steamer/ microwave sterilizer
- what bottles to get, etc
4.) Laundry Detergents/bottle cleansers
5.) Nursing cloths
6.) Nursery items
7.) Cloths - pants, shorts, onsies, receiving blankets/towels, etc
8.) Diapers
9.) Lotions, creams - face, diaper creams, petroleum jelly, etc
10.) Hygiene - nail clippers, nose suction, etc
11.) Breast pumps?

To help you more, below are some Baby Checklists that I used. The numbers are suggested but it would really depend and vary when your baby comes along. It's going to be a lot of random shopping on a need basis.
Baby & Co

Breast pump:
If you'll be working within a month or two and going back to work, I suggest you get a pump but if you'll be on ML for a few months (like in Canada ~ 2 years, I think) you can delay getting a pump and go through direct feeding.
I have a Medela Swing (single breast) but in HK, I borrowed a friend's Spectra 2 Dual Expression electric breast pump. Both are good and useful for me.
Depending on what you want, Medela pumps are a bit noisier (it might be a deal breaker for you but for Colin, it was fine) versus other pumps. Medela and Spectra are about the same. There are other pumps around like Avent, etc. You would have to check and weigh in what you need/want. Most quiet electric pumps do not accommodate batteries at the moment.
I currently use an electric one that accommodates batteries since I sometimes pump in the car going home.
Also, it's nice to have double pump but jfor me, I need to focus and massage each breast whenever I pump to effectively get all the milk out, so single pumps work well with me. About the having the other breast leak, it really depends. For me, leaked amount is not a lot to make a big difference in my output.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MKC & Elise's Pieces' Mad 4 You @TDC

It's that time of the year again...the big V is around the corner, next week to be exact.
This year's different for us (husband & wife) especially since we have a new addition in our lives.
Thus, to commemorate this special time, I scrapped the below to remember those cuddle moments with our little C - computer style using MKC & Elise's Pieces' Mad 4 You available now @TDC. You're going to love every bit like the papers and elements that come with it!
Before we know it...C's going to be breaking girls' hearts left and right.
I'm feeling like this right now...
Here's my take on this lovely kit
Credit: Mad 4 You - Collaboration with MKC and Elise's Piecesa; Font: Verdana
Photo Credit: Michelle Garthe Photography

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese Confinement Regiment in HK 2010

Please find the below as some of the items that I ate when I was in HK.
Food to avoid during the first week only
  • Ginger - Delays healing of wounds and increase risk of jaundice in baby. Substitute with peppercorn or garlic.
  • Fish - Causes foul smelling lochia or discharge.
  • Alcohols which are recommended for consumption during the confinement month are: Brandy, Yomeishu, rice wine and Guinness Malta because they are 'yang'. If you are a non-drinker, this sudden consumption may cause alcohol rash, redness in the face and heart palpitations, so do take it easy. Alcohol does go to the baby through breast milk, so if you want a good night's sleep, drink the alcohol after your dinner. The content of alcohol is reduced during cooking therefore you might consider adding it to your food during cooking instead of drinking it neat. Guinness Malta is non alcoholic and has high iron content therefore is suitable if you are anemic. Pulut rice is rich in iron therefore is used to make rice wine for postnatal nursing mothers. The rice is low in fat and free of cholesterol with high dietary fiber to reduce risk of heart attack and diabetes. It is better known as Shaoxing wine.
  • Drinks: is believed that iced or cold drinks may cause severe shock to the system and further weaken the 'cold' body therefore it is strongly recommended that boiled warm teas are consumed throughout the day as they are supposed to help heat up the womb. For those who do not believe in these teas you may try drinking Chamomile tea which is beneficial for the baby as well, because it helps to reduce wind
  • Soups: is a nutritious replacement for water. You can use any meat for stock. The meat supplies fat that is essential for extraction of fat soluble nutrients. Drinking soup about 1 hour before breastfeeding may help to increase milk flow. Chinese soups are usually clear and easier to drink compared to creamy western soups and it is less fattening.
Succeeding Days...
  1. Soups:
  1. Papaya Fish Soup
  2. Corn & Chicken Soup
  3. Steamed Fish Maw
  4. White Radish Soup (w/ octopus)
  1. Food:
  1. Pig’s Feet with Ginger
  2. Fried Rice--> add bbq pork
  3. Steamed Minced Pork --> Canto Style
  1. Drink:
  1. Longan and Red Date Tea
    Ingredients : 10 pieces of dried longan flesh, 20-40 dried red dates (with the seeds removed), an optional ingredient of 4-5 g of tan kwei(angelica sihensis)
  1. Boil and simmer ingredients in 6-8 cups of water for 45 minutes to one hour until the liquid is fragrant and tasty.
  2. Drink throughout the day.
  1. Another alternative recipe of the above would be : / OR
  1. Do’s & Don’ts
  • Seafoods aside from fish and octopus (in soup)
  • Congee, only rice rolls, noodles and fried rice
  • Plain water, only barley tea or tea in general
  • Softdrinks, though I cheated at times
  • Bananas, eggs
  • Foods like alcohol and certain vegetables can cause our blood thinner and are diuretic
  • DO eat
  • Nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, etc) and “wild/hot” foods/veggies
  • Drink warm water; ideally consume red dates tea brewed with dried longan or Chinese wolfberry (Gou Qi)
  • Eat a nutritious diet comprising confinement foods tailored to dispel "wind", revitalize internal strength and boost blood circulation
  • If you must shower, use hot ginger water and take extra care to dry yourself thoroughly before stepping out of the bathroom. Try not to wash your hair for at least one week. Alternatively, use herbal dry shampoos to clean your hair.
  • Sleep in a cool and dry room; if you must use air-conditioning, keep it at fan mode, not lower than 26C.
  1. Others: The links below might help you more...
    The Chinese Soup Lady
    Healthy Easy Food Recipes - Traditional Chinese Confinement Food Recipes