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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great Weekend...Slow starting week

Ed's visit was great thus I wasn't able to fully do a lot of layouts for this week. I feel so slow and uncreative...but I did have a fun-filled wekend..including the May 1 holiday!

I'll be training some new colleagues in the office. Ah...where have the days the trainee IS the trainer...:P

* worked but met Ed for lunch - went to the "tomato soup" hawker place to have soup& this place!
* after that, we adjusted his watch...which was quick
* had dinner at Bricolage 62 ~ good bistro for casual/no brainer dinners and had some good wine to start the weekend: Ed had the red that was wonderful and I had the white, which I enjoyed too! Speciality of the place is their Chili Burger (for me), while Ed got the Mini Burger samplers - Lamb burger (they also have Veal/Seafood/Beef burgers) ...we should try the Duck Confit and the Cornfed Chicken, next the place...small and quaint; Ed loved the Jap movie on the projector...we gotta go back again...a bit in a rush since the place was packed
* Ed's bro came after dinner and we went off to have XTC on Ice ice cream; Ed got the Chocolate Drop & I had the Blu (shortcut for Blueberry as what we were told) before retiring - we were all pretty tired since monthend was looming around the corner

* went around CWB early since Ed wanted a headstart on things
* lunched at Delicious Kitchen (definitely delicious)
* Ed shopped around - finally bought a really shirt from Zara ~ good that the shirt that we first saw at Giordano didn't have his size already else I'm sure he will not get two shirts)
* had afternoon tea at Agnes B, the old branch, with Ed so he can meet my pal there, Terri --> they finally got to see each other and Ed finally got to check out where I hung out often when I'm alone over here...desserts were great and I finally found another nice tea to have - CasaBlanca (Moroccan Mint tea)
* had late dinner at Isola --> we got all "dolled-up" & "groomed-up" to have a special date night together...Ed ordered the lamb chops, which were just melting in our mouths (wow!) while I ordered the pizza (I had bad cravings for this)...Ed enjoyed my white wine than the one at Bricolage, one of the best dinners we have had for a long time (!)

* had Sunday Dim Sum with Ed, his brother and my good pal, Donna (she just moved to HK so I'm showing her around and let her know where to get her stuff)
* after lunch, I help Donna shop for her office cloths and some IKEA items
* went home to rest while Ed and his brother went car viewing
* had dinner at Ruth's Chris (HK) with the two "boys" --> food was expensive, portions were quite big...steak steak steak...Ed's happy though he got the lamp chops...he got some steak from me and his brother

* had lunch with Ed at Crystal Jade : he just loves his xiao long bao and hand-pulled noodles; this is a Shanghainese resto that started in Singapore...found more info about it Wikipedia (Crystal Jade); we ate what we wanted (some noodles, chili dumplings, stewed pork and fried rice) and got to take home some for my own dinner one of these days
* dinner was at Mi-Nei-Sushi : Ed's favorite Jap place in CWB; wherein he can wait for the long line-ups...Ed got to the shop first to get our number at 7pm...we got #55 and it was just #35 on call(!) ...we waited about an hour for our table at the bar; upon getting our seat, we feasted our eyes on some great sushi choices and Ed was happy...quality and food choices are vast and high respectively

* Ed got checked-in to Central's Airport Express
* lunch with Angie, Ed's bro and Ed at Tasty Dumplings & Noodle House
* Ed and I had Ben & Jerry's (IFC) 's Chunk Monkey, Apple Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake ... the large cup and we hung out at IFC Mall while we waited for time before we should treck to the was awful...knowing the inevitable to come
* We went to the airport around 330pm and we hung out there some more...and since it takes about 45 minutes by Airport Express - we got there past 4pm and we hung out at the airport till Ed went in around 5pm
* I hung out a bit more at the airport - had dinner there while I waited for Ed's flight to fly off - I was done by the time Ed was boarding...very sad but know that this is all just a temporary thing for us...for now

Stumbled across this cute and interesting blog while I was working on this blog today. It's by an expat in Shanghai. I found her blog quite interesting since she talked about her adventures in food and shopping. She recently came to HK and did quite a number on the shopping spree's record. She is obsessed with shoes and bling. It's quite an interesting read. I love to see her shoe purchases and she does seem to be in the race to be the next Imelda Marcos on the shoes department. :)
I also found this really cute dress on her blog that could be a good reference some time down-the-road for me. :)
I love the Carrie, of Sex & The City , quote that she posted - "I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!" AND - "Anyone who says money can't buy happiness just doesn't know where to shop"
This girl is such a character! For the full blog, check out My so-called "Expat" Life.


Kit Name: Civilized Punk by ShabbyScrapDesigns/DPatterson (DigizinesDigitalDen)
Program: PS7.0
Notes: Nephew's first steps...with the help of his cabinet, of course. He felt so accomplished when he was supporting himself on that cabinet and his laugher just brings to much joy to all of us when he was doing this that it didn't matter that grandma was assisting him so much! These are the first of the few "great things" that he would be doing in this life. :DTYFL!


steph said...

Hey Cheryl,

I thought Ed was also based in HK. That's why I was wondering when you mentioned you're shifting back to Manila to live. Now I get it. Hehe.

BTW, I love Ben & Jerry's! My favorite is Chunky Monkey. Sarap!! :)

I don't think I'll ever read your blog find. She uses a lot of wild font colors and sizes it's making my head spin so hard. Hahaa! But lucky her she can afford those luxury goods! Hehe!

Take care!

malou said...

Girl, you and ED can eat!!! You are my kinda girl-loving all those good food but you are so darn skinny what is your secret. If I look at a food I will gain 5 lbs! Gonna check out the blog of the girl you were talking about. Have a great weekend. Malou

Candy :) said...

hi che... ang daming food! im so envious! hahahah :)
glad you had a great weekend! :)

Michelle said...

OMG.. all the yummy food talk is making me hungry!

Great to see that you've had a great time with Ed. I really enjoyed reading this post of yours girlie.. hope to see you post again soon.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dawn said...

Morning Cheryl... somw more wonderful creations... and I enjoy reading about your week - and good to know that you enjoy Ikea too :D

~currant7 said...

Steph - yep, I'm based overseas while Ed's in Manila. :) Pareho pala kayo ni Ed at ako - Chunky Monkey! Ed had the chocolates while I have the banana ice cream - YUM! The blog's interesting...found the dress in passing since it's so cool...her shopping habits is only what dreams are made of. :P

Malou - yes...somehow we end up constantly eating and eating whenever Ed comes. Then again, what do you expect in HK - but to shop & eat! Don't worry - the portions are not the same as US size...portions are smaller. :D

Hi Candy - it's great hear from you again. Yes...eating should be a sport instead. :D

MizzM! Miss you tons girl - great layouts on your blog (as expected!) - I'm using more color because I got envious with your very cool and colorful blog entries. Ty & Happy weekend!

Dawn - thank you for your kind words and definitely love IKEA...even it's just to browse. It's an amazing place. The one at CWB is like a Disney ride - once you start, there's no way to stop the ride. You have to finish all three levels of displays and showcases. Love it though! :D

Not so RaggedyAne said...

Really nice Blog you there! ;-)

Thank you for being so kind about mine, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

Love luuuurrrrrve HK! I'm sure you will have a great time! =D

I'll definitely be back!