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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Under-The-Weather Ramblings

I'm a bit under-the-weather as I write this. I hate feeling/being sick. It slows me down and makes me crankier than normal...meaning I'm normally cranky especially in the morning. :P I also hate being all "drugged-up" with drugs that make me sleepy and slow. This the reason why I try to avoid taking medication unless I really really have to.
How did I get sick all of the sudden? It's not like I'm a sickly person...I'm stronger than I look.
I guess my body has to give in since one by one my coworkers around me (even the big boss himself, KC) was coughing and weezing as loud as they come. I was basically assaulted ... I'm the "assaultee" (inside joke) and I was losing a lost battle. All this a month or so ago! Hay...I hate being sicks!!!!

On my recent trip back home - I had a busy but fulfilling one. I got to attend a good friend's wedding, visit our wedding godparents (ninongs/ninangs) - all 4 of them in one day (!) and got to celebrate my birthday in Manila!
Birthday was good...did wedding stuff so it's more like a work day than my birthday.
~ opened a bridal registry for our wedding (wedding): got really nice freebees and a cool planner; woohoo!
~ went foodtasting with some close family (wedding): very confusing since you really see people's opinions; I'm just going to focus on what my brother said - "get comfort food, don't go too complex"
~ finalized the English invites (wedding): got to move on further with this supplier; have too many revisions...actually 18 for the English draft; Chinese draft is still being prepared; got free misalettes printing from the coupons that I got from the department store registry (one problem down!)
~ had a nice quiet dinner with Ed at one of my fav restos in Manila, Mandarin Oriental Manila (which is also the place where we had our food tasting a few hours ago) : got so many nice freebees and got all drunk with the free oyster shooters and sweet wine that was offered to us; service was just fab!

Wedding preps are going slow since it's still fairly far away. Ed and I are so wondering why we picked such a long engagement since the distance and our own respective work is really stressing and killing us already. We are both quite excited to be embarking a new life together as a family and not just by "boyfriend/girlfriend" status, which is not even part of the standard statistics requested in most official/legal forms.
There are a few hiccups with regards to suppliers but I thank Ed and my mom who are handling most of my worries and concerns while I focus on what I need to get done over here in HK. At the end of the day, glitches are bound to's just one day. :) I hope it doesn't go too badly though as what I've been hearing other brides with some of their big day problems.
FYI: one really cried on her wedding day and got scolded by both mothers.

Congratulations to my friends Er & Kim for the recent engagement! You did great on the proposal, Er. :) Both are eyeing on a September 2008 wedding and I'm sure that they are having fun with preparing for the big day as I type this up.

This July will be full month of visitors so I'm bracing myself. One or more groups in a week as it is. The first wave has just arrived:
1) Dix & Family (Ed's aunt and cousins)
2) Kuan & Tracy (the former is my high school buddy in YVR and his wife): We haven't seen each other for 7 years now! Both are doctors. :) See below.

I'll be adding more to this list in the succeeding weeks since I don't want to get too ahead. It's great to have visitors but definitely something that I take priority from my usual R&R weekends.

Some scrapping news...DigizinesDigitaDen has a treat to those who will be purchasing kits this month. See below for details:


Kit & Template: Bluemoon Page Set(Scrapbook-Elements)
Bluemoon Kit and Lacedrops (Scrapbook-Elements)
Designer: Mikki Livanos
Font: High Tower Text
Program: PS7.0
Notes: inspired by the new LV Love Bag
Template / Designer: 12x12 Template #13 - Irregularly Horizontal again by Doodleboogs
Kit / Designer: Sunflowers & Extra (SE's July Gift) by Mikki Livanos
Program: PS7.0
Font: Impact, Gill Sans MT, Jokerman, Harlow Solid Italic, Playbill, Parchment
Journaling: July 2007 / high school / Women...who inspire me / Cha, Josh, Hai, Tam, Uy / CoolGals
Notes: my last birthday with the "single status". These girls make me feel so loved and inspired each and every time I think about them. :) This is also one of my submissions to Doodleboog's July Challenge: Map of Me

Template/ Designer: 12x12 Template #13 - Irregularly Horizontal again by Doodleboogs (ScrapOutsideOfTheBox)
Kit & Elements & Alpha / Designer: Berry Much Page Set & Freedom Ring Page Set
& Crazy In Love Kit
; all by Mikki Livanos (Scrapbook-Elements)
Program: PS7.0
Font: Gill Sans MT
Journaling: My Wish (for my nephew, Jeremy)...Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips, Sunsets to warm your heart, Gentle hugs when spirits sag, Friendships to brighten you being, Beauty for your eyes to see, Confidence for when you doubt, Faith so that you can believe, Courage to know yourself, Patience to accept the truth, And love to complete your life.
Notes: A constant inspiration to everything I nephew, Jeremy Jason. He redefined how I see the world! :)


malou said...

First of all Happy Belated birthday, I am glad that you had a great one. Also good is that you had a lot of fun getting ready for your wedding. I agree w/your bro that comfort food is the best. As for the collage that I did on my pictures those were from my HP printer software package, you can probably take a look at the hp printer on their website and they might have the collages template there and you can also try Hope this helps! Missed you!

~currant7 said...

I see! Thanks for the info Malou - I'll try to check it out. :)
I miss you so much too! It's great to be back and scrapping! I feel I got a few layouts amazingly out. :P
Thanks for your wishes & greets. :)

scrapgeek said...

Sorry to hear you are poorly. Get well soon.

Michelle said...

Cheryl!! Girlie happy belated bday!! Sorry you're not feeling well.. hope you get well soon!

Good luck on all the wedding prep.. but it sounds like all's going prety good right now... :)

Talk soon ok?!

Valerie said...

Love the scrappies!! Hope your feeling better soon, especially with all those visitors you have coming!! Hugs!!

dawn said...

hope you;re now feeling much better hun... great news on the invites - and of course some stunning creations :D