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Friday, November 09, 2007

MNL Adjustments: have to wait, wedding preps 1st

Man, it's been so long since I updated this.
Thanks so much for the people who do visit the site and leave comments. I super duper love yah all - especially Malou, Cris, Steph, and Michelle!

I'm still struggling with coming back and meeting suppliers left and right.
This wedding is going out-of-control with the guest lists. I'm wondering how I'll be tackling the seat arrangement. Ed and I totally want to get over with this asap! :P There are a few more people we need to still set-up meetings with but so far we are done with the: priest (super duper nice and totally a character), misalette (finally - are much back&forth between our priest and SAC), invites (distributing), coordinator, entourage fitting (done and will have some alterations), cake (meeting again next week), bridal registry (registered and it was great making a "wish list"), got my RTW wedding cord (super nice ~ PM me if you want the info), mom's dress (coming along very very well), arrhae & other wedding items (ordered ~ PM me if you want the info), MOH (layout & number of guests - still working on this) and neckties for entourage (distributed).
I can't wait to wear my gown...oh, I need to pick it up in HK by next week. Yes, I'm flying back for a few days for my gown. :P This is really going down-the-wire! So far, 20 days to go ~ I'm so counting the days.
**For those W@Wies who will be going to this year's Xmas Party - I shall see you there! :D

I can finally post my SUAS layouts. It was totally tough to keep consistent mojo for these layouts. I know there were times when I just wanted to stop...but what the hey...oh well. All item are in the SUAS megakit unless stated. :) This is my very first digital contest. :P

Week One: Stamps
Journaling: I wish for hope to reign strong and true in the hearts of all. Even though hope could erase the pains of the world, it could make the pain easier.
Supplies: all are from the Stand Up And Scrap Kit unless indicated.
PP: Heather Ann Melzer and Christin Renee
Vintage Photo Frame: Christina Renee
Ribbon Wrap: Christina Renee
Alpha: Gina Marie Huff
Brushes: Journal Highlights by Jackie Eckles (Little Dreamer Designs Freebee) and Digi Stamps - Paisley by Shabby Princess (Shabby Shoppe)Font: Bernard MT Condensed, Rage Italic

Week Two: Pattern Papers
Journaling: The sweetest moments in my life are pieces of random thoughts and visions that stimulates the senses in my head like the delectible flavors of a drink, the oriental motif of mom’s robe, the addicting embrace of a boy, the festive colors of mosaic tiles, the fragrant scent of flowers, the melodic laughter of a child, and many more...all of these things are tattooed on my mind to be remembered and savoured for years to come.
Supplies: all are from the Stand Up And Scrap Kit.
PP: Amber Clegg, Audrey Neal, Shabby Miss Jean, Heather Roselli and RobinCarlton
String Closure: Heather Roselli
Brads: Anna Aspnes
Cross-stitch: Lisa Whitney
Paper Clip: Robin Carlton
Staples: Christina Renee
Flower Accent: Sarah Amarie
Font: GarryMondrian Condensed

Week Three: Song Lyrics
Lyrics: Angel by Sarah McLachlan (Soundtrack from the City of Angels)
Supplies: all are from the Stand Up And Scrap Kit
PP: Angela Barton, Christy Lyle, Mindy Terasawa
Backsplash: Susan Bartolini
Recycle Tag: Shabby Miss Jenn
Clip: Christy Lyle
Ribbon: Christy Lyle
Font: NSimsun, Vladimir Script, Palace Script MT

Week Four: Color
Journaling: Whenever Christmas holiday season rolls around, I go all out “nuts” for a Starbucks’ gingerbread latte, which sadly comes only once a year. I go through the whole year..without it and somehow my body knows its about time. I start smelling nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla round me. I would look for it...think about’s a really bad case of “gingerbread withdrawal”! It doesn’t matter what the heck I’m doing - the all important objective is to have that RED cup of java in the palm of my hands. The drink is like a big warm hug wrapped in a nice RED Christmasy cup - making me remember wonderfulwinter memories in Vancouver - RED stockings, striped RED and white candycanes, RED Santa costumes, Rudolph’s RED nose, etc! And let's face it: ginger and spice are delicious. I could eat them year-round!But, alas, by January the gingerbread latte disappears yet again. Every season I await for its return. Its appearance on the specials board is a better harbinger of the season than the weather or the opening of Christmas display. And every season, I mourn its passing...
Supplies:Paper: Gina Marie Huff, Audrey Neal (red bubbles)
Journal Tag/Sticker: Robin Carlton
Stitching: Susan Bartolino (cream), Audrey Neal (red)
Font: Gungsuh, ITC Zapf Dingbats, Script MT Bold

Week Five: Simplicity
Supplies: all are from the Stand Up And Scrap Kit
PP: Meredith Fenwick
Font: CK Becky

Week Six: Anything...what's next?
Journaling: I am looking forward to see two years of hard work, meticulous research and careful decision-making in one special day - the day my soulmate and I would finally tie the knot.Notes: This to me is my own change soon (new challenges, new beginnings) later have kids to share the wonderful world, I grew to love and enjoy all through my life - to teach them how to preserve it in all its beauty and glory.
Supplies: All are from the Stand Up And Scrap Kit unless indicated.
Pattern Papers: Angela Barton, Heather Roselli, Sarah Bartolini, Mindy Terasawa, Gina Miller (for the green tiny flower accent's recolored)
Stamp (enlarged): Angela Barton
Doodle: Meredith Fenwick
Ribbon: Shabby Miss Jenn
Tiny Flower Accents: Lauren Grier
Denim Flower: Sara Amerie
Zipper Embellishment: Laura Deacetis
Staples: Christina Renee
Graffiti Grunge Frame: Shawna Clingerman (available at Sweet Shoppe Designs)
Buttons: Julie Mead
Font: Geometr231 BT Herald, Bernard MT Condensed

All items below are by digitalGinger/Bevin Dunn
Kit: Marigold - Floral Print
Ribbons:Knotted & Folded Ribbons - Jewel Tones
Frames: Rockstar - 6"x3" Twin Frames


malou said...

Yay, I see my name on there!!! I love, love all of your digi lo's girl! Week 3 and week 6 are my favorites. OUtstanding! Take a deep breath, girl....and slow down a bit so you don't get too stressed out for your wedding. I know there is a lot on your plate right now. Oh, can't wait to see the beautiful bride!

Michelle said...

Hey hon,

Do tell more!!! Miss you! Hope things are going smoothly for you.


steph said...

great scraps! i really can't understand how you scrap digitally! hahaha. i'm so clueless.

anyway, thanks for the shoutout, feels really nice. :) anyway, hope your wedding preps are coming along well, and we can't wait to see photos of the big day!

until then, you're excused for not updating your blog. hahaha. :)

Benga said...

i hope the prep goes smoothly now =), as always I'm amazed with all your digi LOs they are all sozbdb1 gorgeous!

Valerie said...

I can't believe how quick the wedding will be here!! WOW!! Time just flies by, doesn't it!! You must be getting excited though!! Love all the scrap pages!! Especially the Sbx one, love me those gingerbread lattes!!

cris said...

Wow you're wedding is so near na pala! Enjoy your big day! And good luck on the digiscraps. I hope you win! :)

Leah F. Taas said...

you will definitely be a very lovely bride... love your smile!

i'm inspired to do digiscraps. i've been doing my scraps from scratch still. hehehe! i know, i'm just so out of touch with technology. hahaha!

metrophoto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
metrophoto said...

hey cheryl! let me know if you win alright? and... if we'll need a layout artist can we hire you? hahaha... (i'm serious btw)

congrats to you and ed :)