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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fast Track Updates

Sorry for the long absence...still catching up with life and work.
It's audit season, you know! :P

This is one of the cool sights I've seen a while back. I enjoy the good old Havaianas like a lot of Flips here though I don't wear mine as often as the rest since I do want to look a bit more semi-casual than beachy casual. The slippers are so popular in the tropics like the Philippines since we have tons and tons of beaches to choose from and we basically love being in the sun!
This was taken at Serendra, Fort where there were gigantic displays of the famous slippers with various themes.
I'm guessing this pays homage to soccer. The slipper company is a huge fan of the sport - maybe because it's made in Brazil...or @least most of them where conceptualized there. :P

In celebration of the movie, Speedracer, Rockwell's Power Plant was one of the places that this "star" gave light to the movie. I never would have thought this car ever existed in this lifetime aside from what's in the movie.
Although it didn't fair well in the box office, it was pretty cool to be able to touch and to be this close to the star of the show. Too bad E was at work when I took this photo. It was my bragging rights picture! :P
Go Speedracer go!

Travel Café Philippines
2/F GB5
Rating: 2/5
E & I checked out the new café at GB5 on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We shared this dessert sampler which showcased the typical Filipino native sweets. There was the leche flan (Filipino custard), suman (sticky rice cooked in coconut milk), banana turrón (deep fried banana wrapped in spring roll skin) and some fresh fruits on the side. It looked so impressive and nice in photos but the only winner for us were the banana turrón. Would we go back again...most likely not.

Restaurante Pia y Damaso
2/F GB5
Rating: 3/5
One of our food trippings again at GB5 on another Sunday afternoon for snacks.
The chocolate was cool since carabao's milk was used so it smelled heavenly and so rich. E was a really happy camper with this unique detail.
I had the "boring" hot peppermint tea. :P We share a toasted local pastry - ensaymada (Filipino sweet bread).

G/F Serendra
Rating: 2/5
One of the highlights at this resto. My mom was so looking forward to some good French food in Manila - this comparing it with Le Souffle. Sad to report that she was disappointed with the results. The cool thing was the soup and the rest was so-so to her. It's quite pricey but as long as the food is superb, we will keep coming back for more. E and I still have to go back to try the lamb platter so we'll keep the rating as it is for now.

Lot 5, Quadrant 8, Bonifacio High Street
Rating: 4/5
Love the set menus offered that you can personalize - either a three or four course option. The one photographed is my dessert, Baked Alaska. Very fatty but not bad.
The feature of this resto is the very cool wine dispensers wherein guests can try various win by the glass on their own - similar to the soft drink dispensers but a lot more sophisticated. We weren't able to have wine on our trip there but I can see that it's a really hip and happening place that requires you either to make reservations or go early to secure a nice table. A lot of beautiful people make up this joint. Get ready to be pretty and to spend a bit.

Look who visited me in Manila...of all people! It's R and his family!!! What a blast from my YVR past and in "my turf"!
Though of course I was pretty surprised when I got an FB message that he would be coming. It was totally a crazy surprise since I didn't think he would be heading to Asia in general since he was wrapping med school.
R and his parents came to Manila to play some golf with their friends. His folks are basically retired, mom's semi while dad's fully retired. They stay in HKG almost half of the year now since they have some business in China and are looking into moving back to be closer with their HKG relatives. I think if this pushes through, I will have the possibility of seeing R more than before. The last time we hung out was my YVR time in 2004! It was pretty cool to let E meet some of my YVR friends.
I showed R some sights and food trips around town the day after he arrived while the rest of the time was a lot of golfing trips for him and his folks. :D
We went around ChinaTown, Chinese Cemetary, Fort Santiago, Old Manila, Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, etc. I hope his folks enjoyed their golf game and come back again soon!

This is our new family member (MIL's), Creamy. He's far bigger and got groomed to shorter do now than in the picture. He has been a real handfull since he refused to be housetrained and has been driving everyone nuts! He's pee'd and poo'd whenever and wherever he wants. There were times that my E and I babysit him and it would mean guarding this little one's every move around the house, especially our room! :P
Plus I changed my hairstyle a few weeks after this picture has been taken.
Been so busy these days due to the new work and just getting the house orgazined.

This is one of purchases that E and I got for the house. We got this during the Megamall 3-day Mega Sale at My Home.
It's pretty cool with it being expandable on both sides - the white portion is the "extended" part while collapsing it would reveal only the glass portion that is nice for dinners for 2. Anything more would require extendingthe table so as not to look so cramp.
I love the "modern contemporary" look of this. Form and functions are my criteria in searching for the right furniture...oh, and aside from the dimensions. E was super excited when I discovered this through my furniture research.
Thanks Dey!

Okay - next would be the sofa/living room - I'm off to get this rolling...


Michelle said...

Finally!!! :D

Good to see what you've been up to dear.. hope to see more updates from now.


Chinachix said...

I like the clean lines of the chairs. metropolitan home magazine has some great ideas if you want a modern home...

cris said...

Your dog is soooo adorable!

Sakai said...

i was also a bit disappointed with Culliere