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Friday, October 10, 2008


**News Flash**
This is surely an exciting entry!
Our wedding was one of the 30 couples that were featured on this year's Wedding Essentials (WE) magazine's annual issue of Beautiful Weddings. The magazine launch was just this October 08 at the Loft, Rockwell Power Plant.

**Now I know how Sister Mandy feel...though we were not as lucky as she did since we aren't part of the cover page. :P

1.) the loot bag of freebees for attending the launch: our cover magazine, a various compilation cd, a travel coffee mug, Artistry sheer lipstick, Manila Bulletin's Travel magazine
2.) our souvenier photo by BaiCapture
3.) the official cover of Beautiful Weddings 2008
4.) our own unique and personalized cover of Beautiful Weddings 2008 with our wedding photo as the cover for contributing to the feature
5.) Henry Pascual's advertisement in the's our whole wedding decor!
6-8.) our wedding's cover story (photo credits: Patrick Uy and Eddie Boy Escudero)

Check out the 30 specialized covers of the other lucky couples featured:

we-2008-01.jpg we-2008-02.jpg we-2008-03.jpg we-2008-04.jpg we-2008-05.jpg we-2008-06.jpg we-2008-07.jpg we-2008-08.jpg we-2008-09.jpg we-2008-10.jpg we-2008-11.jpg we-2008-12.jpg we-2008-13.jpg we-2008-14.jpg we-2008-15.jpg we-2008-16.jpg we-2008-17.jpg we-2008-18.jpg we-2008-19.jpg we-2008-20.jpg we-2008-21.jpg we-2008-22.jpg we-2008-23.jpg we-2008-24.jpg we-2008-25.jpg we-2008-26.jpg we-2008-27.jpg we-2008-28.jpg we-2008-29.jpg we-2008-30.jpg

(click a thumbnail for a larger view of a particular cover)

Please see the below for the full write-up:

Confessions of an Overseas Bride
Ed and I were classmates from Saint Jude. I remember him to be the naughty boy constantly being punished while I kept to myself. I didn’t expect to bump into him after I moved to Canada for high school.
It just so happened that about six years ago, we met up again at our 5th year high school reunion. We made an impression of each other that day. After a very memorable Alabang first date, numerous emails and text messages, we officially became a couple six months later.
Ed and I never discussed marriage in our relationship until he proposed in late 2006. At that time I had just moved to Hong Kong, and we were having a long distance relationship. I was thrilled but planning a wedding was a daunting task for us, with me in Hong Kong and Ed in Manila. Luckily we had supportive parents and friends who helped us with setting up meetings and booking suppliers. My mom was the main driving force in this wedding – from my dress design to the theme.
There was no doubt in my mind where I would like our church ceremony to be. San Agustin Church was the obvious choice for its vintage and antique feel; it’s also the place where my parents were married at.
Food was another important factor and we booked the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for our reception. We had a few special requests regarding food, d├ęcor and planning that my account officer accommodated with great results. One of our main dishes was paired with a special sauce created by Mandarin’s Tivoli, Caper Calamansi Beurre Blanc, which became a big hit with our guests.
Searching my wedding gown was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had. When my best friend in Hong Kong found out that I was engaged, she took me bridal dress shopping all over town. I tried on so many good ones but the one I finally settled on was a Reem Acra ivory princess cut gown, which my mom found in a magazine ad. At first, it was tricky to pick a gown based only on a photo but luckily Central Weddings was able to find an in-store sample gown with a similar cut to reassure me of the fit. When my gown came, they were able to custom fit it to my size perfectly! It was seamless service!
The theme was harder to decide since I switched around from simple classic to Asian on a weekly basis. It was only after I finalized my gown design, with its elaborate details, that my mom suggested we explore a lavish, festive and rich Middle Eastern motif, perfect for a December wedding.
Half way through preparations, I had to change my florist. Although, I had ample time for this unexpected change, I had to screen suppliers all over again. Henry Pascual, one of the referrals that I seriously considered, won my mom over on the first meeting with his over-the-top creativity and proposed story board. The ideas he suggested went way beyond flowers and encompassed the whole motif. After that meeting, I knew we finally found not just a florist, but our event stylist.
The big day arrived and after a good night’s rest, I woke up ready to take on the world and a new chapter of my life. I recall being all relaxed from the time Jing, my make-up artist, came until my big walk behind San Agustin’s carved doors. I remembered wanting the doors to open faster but after seeing everyone looking at me when I was to take my first step, my legs buckled and my knees felt like jell-o! It was the extreme opposite of how I felt a few hours ago, but as I saw the sea of friends and relatives in full attendance, I kept my poise, walked slowly and smiled at the same time. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and solemn but passed in a flash and before I knew it, we were at Mandarin Oriental entering the grandest ballroom that I have ever seen. I was blown away with what Henry did. It was pure magic; it was as if I were transported to The Kasbah.
As a surprise to Ed, I was fortunate enough to have veteran balladeer, Jose Mari Chan, and noted concert pianist, Raul Sunico, as our honored guests. They both performed and made our wedding special for everyone.
Our wedding did not focus on just one thing. Each and every detail were well thought out and never compromised. Seeing our guests’ faces upon entering the ballroom with its “wow factor” definitely made all the effort worth it. It is pure flattery to be told by our guests and friends that ours is the benchmark of a successful wedding party.


AEC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AEC said...

congratulations!! you sly girl... heehee. luzel's wedding is also there. all the more reasons for me to buy a copy for myself! ;) can't wait to see this issue.

so you all got a special "cover". no wonder luzel said it was specially made. that's a nice touch WE did for you. :) yup, it was indeed a great feeling when marbee pointed to the cover when she gave us a copy. happiness!

Chinachix said...

what a great wedding memento! the cover design and colors remind me of marth stewart weddings mag. who's the publisher?

alandana said...

oh my! what a wonderful wedding. it must have been truly memorable. My wedding was at San Agustin as well....memories. thanks for visiting my blog. i'll come by often.

cris said...

for a while there, i thought YOU were on the cover. such a nice way to remember your beautiful wedding. :) congratulations!

Cherie Lim said...

hi Cheryl, congratulations on your amazing coverage on WE. It definitely is at par with the American magazines here. Wish I could get my hands on that copy. Your wedding is an inspiration :)

popcorn said...

Hi Cheryl, Congratulations on a very beautiful wedding, a fun & memorable honeymoon :) Hope you guys have a wonderful lifetime together!

nancytanyao said...

hi cheryl & ed, auntie nancy tan;can you send me your honeymoon pictures my address is 2035 sherwoodforest houston,texas 77043 i hope you and ed are coming to houston pretty soon because we missed your vacation secret i like to now were did you go on your honeymoon.

nancytanyao said...

hi cheryl & ed,can you come visit us in houston,texas we missed your fun and i like to see your honeymoon pictures can you mail it i'll gave my address it is 2035 sherwoodforest houston,texas 77043 i will tell you my telephone number when you come here in texas,were going watch a movie just you and me and husband ed.

nancytanyao said...

hi cheryl & ed,when are you coming to houston,texas to have a barbeque with as my mom really nows how to cook a barbeque grill cook a corn hot dog and make a pie.

nancytanyao said...

hi cheryl & ed,my brother howard tan and sister-in-law rachel tan is going to have a baby girl pretty soon on dec-9-2008,make sure you call as soon.