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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Remeniscing-Drinking-Singing-Shopping Filled Weekend

August 24.Friday
- had added work due to a few missing people in the office...atleast it was "Casual Friday" so it made the work go by faster.
- went KTV at NeWay (Wan Chai) to celebrate KP's bday and MM's going away party: belted our hearts out and played Wii; Em and I sang a lot of Avril songs...makes you wonder where all this "rage" came from :P
There wasn't much English songs for me so good that we were able to play the Wii game - bowling and boxing. It's quite an exhausting game system. No wonder people get this to workout! My hands were all sore from all the punching and bowling action.

Neway Karaoki Box
3/F, Causeway Bay Plaza Phase 1,
489 Hennesy Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 852.2559.8989

August 25.Saturday
- had lunch at Cafe Causette after discovering that Central's Grappa's Wine Cellar is under renovation for the rest of the month (!)...bad trip
- picked up EW's ring at J's IFC...very cool! it's really coming together faster than I think
- met up with EW's visiting aunt and cousins (Kirsten & Cameron); we hung out IFC and at H&M; check out Cam goofing off while we waited for his sister and mom try on their "clothing finds"...

- JO's bday dinner at Peking Garden, Central: yummy yummy! Got to meet CW's gf: finally!
- had Sake & drinks at WW's place, got to meet JO's boo and just hang/chill; got home late but it was a very worthwhile can see that the FHM (Phil Edition) magazine is the main attraction :P

68 Queen's Road (the old Lane Crawford Building)
FYI: if you want to know how the H&M Grand Opening went last March 2007 --> check out Chris Lee's blog - Hong Kong Digital Vision. There are lot of great shots on how it went.

August 26.Sunday
- dimsum with DL and met TC, her new pal who recently just moved to HK at Tao Heung (Windsor House)
- chilled around the area: DL got her jeans shorts while I got a new Agnes b wallet/ loving it! It's a bit pricey but compared to some shirts that I got there a few days ago, this wallet is a really great deal, which will surely be used more than the shirts. :) It's matte gold! Agnes hardly comes out with wallets in gold - leather and hardware, etc. It almost brought me to tears! I didn't realize how much I do love "gold".
- big freebees day: got an ice cream cup from Da Dulce Gelato (CWB branch) and a MaBelle cellphone charm/freebees from the Diamond Foundation of HK and China's booth at Times Square

Tao Heung Super 88
6/F, Windsor House,
311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, H.K.
Business Hours: 7:00am - 2:00am
Tel: 2831 9155

Da Dolce Gelato Italiano
Causeway Bay Shop
Shop A, 54 Yun Ping Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Tel: 2890 1213
MON-FRI 1130am - 1130pm
SAT-SUN & Holiday, 1130am - 1200mn

This one of my submissions for the digitalGinger CT application. The rest are old works on my current portfolio.
Kit Name/Designer: Warm Me Up - Fall Sampler by Bevin Dunn (
Program: PS7.0
Font: Times New Roman, Vivaldi
Journaling: W_S, June 2007. I take you to be my wife from this time onward, to join with you and to share all that is to come, to be your faithful husband, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond; a commitment made in love, kept in faith, and eternally made new. (

Notes: Congratulations, Wins & Tep!

It's been a very long time but I have been checking Digital CT Call postings. I've taken the initiative to apply and be part of another new CT/DT again. I guess I wanted some options to see other designer's work but will not require such rigorous layout submissions since I still want to create for my current designers. There are a lot of great designers out there that I would love to work for/with. The competition for these slots is quite tough. Rejection emails are to be expected. Oh well...atleast I do try and you never know. :)

To promote the First SAINT JUDE CATHOLIC SCHOOL'S Alumni Homecoming, the alumni organization is hosting a charity concert by reknown Filipino singer, Gary V to headline this affair. Two free concert passes are up for grabs for the winning SJCS memory...basically, post out what you remember most about SJCS. For more details, you can check this link.

Date: 22 September 2007, Saturday
Time: 4pm (statue unveiling), 5pm (cocktails), 6:30pm (concert proper).
Venue : Saint Jude School Auditorium
Ticket Prices: P1,000, P1,500, P2,000, P2,500 and P3,000
**Proceeds of the ticket sales will go to the (1) Fr. Peter Yang Memorial Fund, to help support the activities of the alumni association such as the Teachers' Retirement Fund and Msgr. Tchou's Medicine Fund; and (2) the Saint Jude Catholic School Building Renovation Project.
Come out to support such a worthy cause...and catch up with old friends. For more information, you can email

So, as promised to fellow SJCS alumni, Francis, below are some of the things that I remember about being in SJCS, in no particular order.

  • Father Chu's eccentric enforcement of the boy's haircut: it was either get a haircut after the first warning at your own barber or have it a la Father Chu's style "hardly there bangs". Crew cuts were the standard or the "Chinese bowl cut" else no sideburns, no long bangs like the ones from F4 (it was the "in" thing to have it done at that time).
  • Teacher nail length inspections before entering the classrooms: the nice thing about this is that it's for good hygene. We would have our handkerchiefs over the four fingers and be checked/commented on by our respective advisors about its acceptable/unacceptable length and having a handkerchief. Here's the clincher - sometimes the teather forgot to check both hands' thumbs where a lot would let those nails grow was the cool thing to do at that time. But then again, the teachers got wiser later on since they require us to flip over and show her both thumbs aside from our fingers. If you have been caught more times for not maintaining your nail length, handkerchief, etc - you could be required to stand outside of the classroom...basically our version of the "walk of shame".
  • Ms. Salta's doubt that I did my homework on my own: in kindergarden, I was in the morning session. Ms. Salta was my classroom advisor. Penmanship is a very important lesson at that time, and you have to agree, SJCS does take handwriting to another level at times. I submitted a script writing assignment, which she doubt that I did the homework exercise on my exercise book in class. She made me stay after class and miss the school bus because of it. When the maid who was to meet me at the bus stop saw that I wasn't on it and learned that I was retained after class, my mom had to go to school to see what's wrong. (Not sure if my brother told my mom about it or something...) Get this, she was so fuming mad with whatever. When she found me and confronted Ms. Salta, they had a bit if slugging of words, as what I could remember. They made me go a test writing. I remember it was fairly close to the example in the book...I think Ms. Salta claims that I traced the assignment down to the curves and that I didn't not do it. (Fair enough that she would think that because I think there were some assignments in the past that I wasn't able to do but I distinctly remember that I did that particular assignment.) My actual handwriting had a bit of slant that was not on the exercise book but good enough to get me off the hook of tracing and not doing the work on my own. That was one weird experience.
  • High school Chinese History combined with two or three was hilarious and cool but I definitely love that Li Shi class for what it's worth. "Daga" and "Kabayo" (sorry - can't remember their Chinese names anymore) were really good at what they do in all fairness. I enjoy their story telling a lot. Their exams are fair...just never liked the pop quizzes we had.
  • Grade 6, Wu Lao Shi - making sure we contribute a lot for the SVD Missionary Charity Cause. The class that contributes the most, gets to win a free trip to Puerto Azul (at that time, it was the best)...all expenses paid, of course. She wanted her vacation, we were eager to go on one. :P Those brown evelopes were really deadly with you having to write your amount every day upon submission.
  • Saturday Mass: when you are part of the program or even our weekly Saturday mass. It was really a good excuse to be part of the religious organization since you get to leave a bit earlier than everyone else. Everyone wanted to be part of JCE (Judenites Choral Ensemble), CLC, etc. These orgs had the smartest, most popular, etc members...kind of like the "elite crowd". It was cool enough to know the guy/gal who directs the people during communion...or even having their hand on your shoulder during when in the communion line.
    Another one is when the priest would raise the wine/bread chalice (during Consecration) for all to see and normally we would look at it as a sign of respect and bow our heads when it is brought back down...but there would be the weirdo ones (including me at times...just for sheer mischievousness), who would do the other way around - look down when the wine/bread chalice is up and look up when the priest has set down those items on the table. I guess I'm still snickering as I remember this. :P
  • Mr. Gelido's classes were great...I think I got it well since I was excused from coming-in on Thursdays. Mr. Gelido's very strict but very supportive at the same time. I was always known in school through my brother, who paved the way for Thursday exemptions - to be replaced by golf training instead. My brother was one of my biggest fan...building me up in front of Mr. Gelido.
  • One cool thing I can remember about SJSC was you were treated a celebrity for the day if you came in with make-up or dolled-up for a particular program. You didn't have to say anything, people will just know and find you so "in" and important. :P You were part of the program in school...enough said.
  • The dreaded "Conduct C" and standing at the steel bridge for all the school to see...those are the extreme punishments.
  • Father Yang's jolly face...he was always the smiling one. It's wonderful to see it on a really bad day in school...during programs.
  • Line-up to use the phone at the Administration's Office...because one has forgotten something from home or they need to be picked up from school due to school cancellations or illness.
  • Hot beef/chicken noodles or spaghetti at the school canteen. I was one of the lucky ones that runs by tabs since my mom deposited some money with them and I can basically get anything from them and they just deducted the amount from the deposit. I love their fried chicken with banana ketchup.
  • Teacher's Day Flowers and's one big flower fest. One would feel really guilty for not having anything for one's teacher. Teachers are the pure celebrities during these times. Another crazy gift giving day was Christmas but that includes other good pals.
  • Writing long notes and passing them to classmates/friends in the same or even another class became the style too. I realized how much writing I did and how creative we would fold our papers from rumaging old letters that I've kept all this time.
  • Waiting outside of the teacher's office to wait for your teacher to come back from's was the only airconditioned place in the whole school at that time, aside from the principal's and administration's office. No, our classrooms were cooled from the two stratigically placed electric fans.
Going home this weekend...really excited to be back.
This time I got it all planned out for a "Pamper-Me Weekend":
Thursday: facial
Friday: massage
Saturday: haircut/salon
Hopefully all goes well...sometimes even booking them, things happen. I don't want to jinx it. :P
Also, I'll be meeting a few wedding suppliers and checking out the Philippine Wedding Expo (11th edition) at PICC with mom. I miss goingl to these sort of fairs since I'm all the way's quite different from the ones we have here in HK. It's great to be able to make it for this weekend...and PICC - the biggest one before the year ends. :)

Kit Name/Designer: Five Alarm
(Available at ScrapOutsideOfTheBox) by Doodleboogs
Stitch/Designer: Veronica Sprigg's Setiment Kit
Circle Date & Month/Designer: Christine Borgfeld's Dial A Date (SBE's Xmas Gift)
Program: PS7.0
Font: Times New Roman
Journaling: My first long weekend away from the club hanging and swimming with my whole family!
Notes: my nephew's August 26 weekend away from home...didn't know sleepovers like that started so young!


scrapgeek said...

Good luck with the CT application!!

eMeLiNe said...

thank u for dropping by my blog :) love to read about the where-to-go in HK! Would love to visit her again !!

cris said...

I hope it doens't rain while you're here in the Philippines. Enjoy your vacation!

Valerie said...

You're always so busy!! Have fun at the Wedding fair!!

jo said...

You've got some great style! Love your digi LOs! I'm definitely bookmarking your blog so I can visit more often! :)

benga said...

thanks so much for your comments in my blog! really appreciate it=) ... going down on memory lane there, feels good to reminisce schooldays...
i agree ur a busy lady I hope you had fun at the fair!