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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blast From The Past & Some

Friday to Monday...August 17 - 20
Last weekend...was the absolute most tiring yet really interesting day that I've ever encountered. Two of my good friends visited me...ironically, I met them through different groups but they know each other through school! Small world indeed.

It was a weekend of shopping, shopping, shopping for them! Food was squeezed in the middle as it was getting to the malls, shops, stalls, etc as fast as our feet can take us. It was very very crazy and it entailed a lot of MTR rides (costed me a fortune...on fares since I didn't have the 3-days unlimited MTR rides), bargain-hunting and late late night shopping.

Let's just say, time, feet and luggage were an issue.
I believe I should just enumerate the places and restos that we've been/gone to to make this entry easier for me. The below was all done in the span of 2.5 days or so, including breakfast dimsums that I didn't include anymore.

- Airport Express: pick-up
- Star Restaurant: dimsum
- Windsor House: Toys 'R Us, 2.5hrs

- Airport Express: pick-up
- Jumbo SOGO: department store and groceries
- Island Shopping Centre: cloths & other novelty items
- Food Stall outside of Times Square
- Milan Station: 2nd hand name-brand/vintage shop
- G.O.D. (store site): households and unique novelties; check out the in-famous shirt that put the store's founder's name in HK's fashion and household map.

- Crystal Jade: dinner
- H&M: cloths shopping
- Lian, IFC: dinner with my good friend and aunt in Agnes b office shirt at the mall
- Mongkok: nightmarket
- McDonald's: breakfast
- Metropole: dimsum with another SJCS grad (Jocson) to have some sort of gathering. Unknowingly - bumped into a few Citi & x-Citi people there - Chloe, Sonny & Peter...good thing I brought my cam! (Everyone's here for the long weekend in Manila.)

- IKEA & Sogo
- Pacific Place: shopping center
- CityGate Plaza: outlet mall
- KFC: dinner
- CityFlyer Bus Station
- Check-in Airport Express
**Deal Alert: Pedder Building (1/F): not Shanghai Tang's store but above it...amazing deals that if given the time, you'd bargains of brand name labels right here in Central. HK99 for jeans or HK250 track suit by Juicy...amazing! Of course, there are the 700 dresses but quite good since it's a Chloe! ~credit goes to Sten for finding this

- Fortress: digi-cam
- Airport Express: running with me helping; good that she's checked-in already & have her boarding pass

Gown Auction Alert.
Being an eBay fan, it was hard to ignore this add that I recently got in the mail. I won't be getting it since this item is so "out-of-my-league". :P
Kompolt's we TV joins the world in marking the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana’s death by auctioning one of her favorite gowns to benefit charity.
All proceeds from this sale will go to charity America’s Promise Alliance, an organization aiding disadvantaged youth and a cause close to Diana.
For more detailed shots - a slideshow of the auctioned gown can be seen here.
Very Diana...the gown reminds me of a wedding gown - flowing, white and easy to carry. I wouldn't be surprised if purchaser is a bride since it's a piece of history and has wedding theme-like purpose. :)

Rediscovering the Past...
Been discovering more and more people through the web most recently...a good few are from my SJCS days while another was from Jungolf.

SJCS: WeNg & Franklyn through Friendster. WeNg's married and looking so lovely and radiant! It didn't really show her age at all. Lovely, just lovely.

MSW: Osang & Robrina, close family friends, are good friends with another trad/digi-scrapper, Mabel! I bumped into this connection when Mabel posted an album of Robrina & her new family at MSW's blog. How small the world is!
Mabel and Osang knew each other through trad-scrap in Manila.

Jungolf: Donbi S., who recently got married to his gf of 10 years (wow!) in Batangas. Lovely photos by Mimi & Karl. Donbi used to be part of the Jungolf Federation founded by Mrs. Montecillo - who paved the way for competitive golf and friendship to flourish in the Philippines. Through her, there are the likes of Ramon Brobio, Casius Casas, Gerard & Jennifer Rosales, Dorothy Delasin, etc.
Donbi beated out so many guys in his age bracket in the latter part of the 9o's. I always thought that he will end up being part of the Philippine Team and joining the Asian Tour like the rest of the group of guys he's beaten. He and I were not in the same group/age bracket - he was a bit I was in the ladies division. I'm always so thankful of the latter reason. :P

I guess I will not really know where and what he's doing now. I'm glad to see him well and good...happy and married. :) Mimi & Karl did a lot of justice to the couple with the shots posted on their blog. I especially love the wedding photo posted above!

Kit Name: Five Alarm ( by Doodleboogs
Program: PS7.0
Font: Times New Roman
Journaling: Where did the time all go? It has only been alittle over a year and yet, you seem to have already conquered the whole world!
Extra: Christine Borgfeld's Dial A Date (SBE's Xmas Gift)

**Got 14 comments on this layout at SOTB...really happy about it and how the whole layout turned out.


malou said...

Hey, girl. Isn't it great that through friendster and our blogs we met old and new friends. Email me coz' I want to link you to my friendster! More pix of the Hearst castle soon.malou

cris said...

wow shopping! how much are the shirts from G.O.D.?

cris said...

oooppsss!!! sorry i checked out the website. i got the prices na. i'm all good. *teehee*