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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Taste of the Luxe Life

12 September, Wednesday.
I really forced myself to get some good deals at the Sogo 21st Floor Brand Name Sale. It started today and I wasn't able to go till alittle before lunch. Nonetheless, I was able to get a lot of deals on a lot of good brands. Some range from hkd100 to hkd1k but it's fine since I know if I don't like them or if they won't fit, I can sell them off easily since I got good brand names as a fail-safe approach. Check out my stash below!

L-R (top): Plenty silk dress (hkd100), JustCavalli jersey-like/lycra signature printed dress(hkd500), Plenty felt flowers dress (hkd300), D&G embroidered cardigan (hkd1k) and Nanette Lepore, mom's fav, ribbon skirt (hkd1k++)

The last one is the most expensive purchase but I love it. There are two more articles but those are pretty simple like a clubbing shirt by JustCavalli at hkd450 and a Sunday dress by Plenty at hkd100.
After my successful purchases and promised myself to maintain my figure since a lot of the dresses require me to be in the size I'm already in, if not try to lose "the pouch" in front, I realized that I can go into business with this sort of thing - buy&sell in Manila. We'll see. I don't know if I can part with these lovely items!

15 September, Saturday.
Got up early to run some errands around town plus have some r&r around CWB.

Guess who I bumped into at the D-Mop store...Joey Yung, the Canto singer. :P
She was shopping with her assistant. You just see the flock of salespersons that manage to emerge on a sleepy Saturday afternoon right after lunch. She looked bored and was rejecting all the suggestions that the sales people were giving her. I guess it's normal for her. :)

Around the afternoon, I caught two movies today with some friends:
1.) Disturbia: reminds me of the I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream franchise flicks...a lot of teeners in the movie theater. It's a bit more serious than their former predecessors but still a "teen flick" through and through. It's funny since I know the actor, Shia LaBeouf, when he was still in Disney Channel's Even Stevens so it's a good serious acting from a goof-ball character that he started from.
2.) I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry: typical Adam Sandler movie but good and funny. Cute and light-hearted. Just what I need on a weekend. :)

16 September, Sunday.
My old highschool friend, Herman, came to visit. It's great to see old friends from back in the day. Being in HK enables me to get reconnected them since HK is the big hub of every travel itinerary here in Asia. Oh, it does help that

19 Sept, Wednesday.
Today - they will be announcing the first challenge for the Stand Up & Scrap Contest. It's going to be intense. :)
On a lighter note, checked the image on the left.
I got freebee invites to this party and had the time to do it with my best pal, Swong.
We didn't get there too early but we were still able to get some goodie bags. No luck with the raffle though their prizes are pretty sweet ~ two night's stay at Shangri-La Thailand's special suite as the grand prize.
Maybe next year would be a better year for this. :P
Free drinks and snacks were good enough for us! We were able to catch up on some much need life-updates since she's been busy in the dating front. I'm so happy for her! :) Had some late lunch at Tsui Hua for some fish ball noodles before headed home.

For all you car-chasing, Madonna-loving, Clive Owen-fans out there...
BMW Films.
The short films gave me an even bigger respect for Clive Owen though I love him in the 2004 movie, Closer. There is so much emotion in this man's eyes and words...amazing!

23 Sept, Sunday
Finally finished my entry for the SUAS Challenge #1. It took a lot of braincell burning but I'm glad that it's done for now. Now, I'm bracing myself for the next challenge, this coming Wednesday (Sept 26) and this time, I'll be doing it in Manila. I hope I get to have time to think about it as much I had for the first challenge.
There are a lot of great entries to this contest ~ have a look here.

Sorry - can't post my layout for this since we post through assigned entry numbers. I'll post them all later after the contest. :)

Heading home for a week this Tuesday so won't be updating this till I get back...around the first week of October or so.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you all!

Kit Name: Newsletter Freebee - Vintage Dreams - Retro Diva (Little Dreamer Designs) by Lori Barnhurst and Michelle Coleman
Template: 12x12 Template #Fifteen - Getting Comical (ScrapOutsideOfTheBox) by Doodleboogs
Program: PS7.0
Font: Rage Italic
Journaling: Thank you for always knowing what to do and what to say. You are my sanity at the end of the day.
~excerpt from My Moon, My Sun, My Star, My Everything
by C. Blanco

Kit Name: Autumn Frolic (available at Scrapbook-Elements) by Mikki Livanos - coming soon!
Template Link: 12x12 Template #14 - Polaroidization by Doodleboogs
Program: PS7.0
Font: Rage Italic
Journaling: Make one of your favorite hobbies collecting friends. ~Life's Little Instruction Calendar Volume XI

Kit: Tiny Pilot by Mikki Livanos
Template: 12x12 Template #Fifteen - Getting Comical by Doodleboogs
Program: PS7.0
Font: Rage Italic
Journaling: Savour the moments that are warm and special and giggly. ~Sammy Davis Jr.

Kit Name: Autumn Frolic (coming soon) by Mikki Livanos (available at Scrapbook-Elements)
Template: September Template Challenge at SBE by Alice Koh
Program: PS7.0
Font: Times New Roman and CK Ranch
Journaling: You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants. ~Stephen King


scrapgeek said...

Nice outfits and cool layouts :)

Michelle said...

Nice clothes! Good luck for the competition!

Envious of your time at home... enjoy!

Benga said...

hi there! i just read your profile in MSW, congrats on being featured! Your LOs are so fun! Wish I could go digital as well. Goodluck in the challenge =)

dawn said...

love your taste in clothes - gorgeous... and of course the layouts are tremendous

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it. You should submit to Scrapbook Dimensions sometime. :)

Candy :) said...

green with envy!!! ganda ng clothes... oh my, ill do anything to get my hands on those clothes! :)

good luck on the competition!

DBird said...

cool clothes and your layouts are so cute! thanks for always stoppin' by :) you're really sweet!

steph said...

love the skirt! -steph