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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Studio Azul's Scrap Buffet (2009.07.11)

I had a very productive and packed weekend. I signed up for My Studio Azul's Scrap Buffet this weekend over here. It was pure awesomeness since I got to finish so many layouts at one go and got to meet new friends, aside from reuniting with an old Jungolfer friend of mine.
Six hours of work and I accomplished six layouts and two cards! :) There are a few that I might add more journalings but we shall see. I was cranking layouts at a slower speed at first but got the extra boost to push myself further when I realized that I only got three layouts and one cards done! :P I focused and was able to better choose the paper and cardstock that I wanted. I pictured that papers that I wanted to use and the colors/design that appealed to me than basing myselout on the photos that I got (that was over and beyond needed). Time went so fast and before I knew it...the event was officially over!
Thank you to the organizers (especially Tin Yao) for a successful event - can't wait for the next one! :D
See the below what I was able to "crank out" for this event.

My sketch challenge entry.

The rest are random layouts that I just wanted to do based on the papers that were immense. I was able to "really play" (since leftovers during the buffet are to be left at the party; no take-homes) with Basic Grey, Sei, etc - which would take me forever to decide what to do if these were my own supplies. I have this fear of not being able to cut it to the correct size or that the layout design in my head is not going to work.

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